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How do I deal with hospital discharge? - Page 2 - Carers UK Forum

How do I deal with hospital discharge?

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rosemary wrote:
Thu Aug 31, 2017 10:23 pm
Penny wrote:
Wed Aug 30, 2017 3:16 pm

I have her name down for a place at a nursing home rather than a care home now because I think that will suit her better. They have no places and i haven't actually found a home that does have places around here.
Has the hospital mentioned anything too about your mam possibly being in a nursing home. If so, before you self fund they should undertake a CHC checklist. This will determine if she can then go forward for a full assessment. Whilst waiting on this it might give you a little breathing space for a little while longer.

The following may not be suitable for your family but sharing what a friend of mine did. Her dad did not want to go in a care home or live with one of his family, but he was willing to accept help. Like your mam he was going to self fund too. Only care home placement was too far from his family, so instead they rented from a housing association a 2 bedroom bungalow that deals with those over 55 yrs of age. Although he has his household bills they still amount to less per month than a placement would cost. His family contacted an agency that supplied care assistants 24/7. He is lapping the attention up and is back to having quality time with his family. I am not sure exactly but I think he has 3 regular assistants that do a 2 weekly cycle and 3rd one is to cover holidays, emergencies.

Thank you Rosemary but I think shes gone past living alone. Aah, now I see youre talking about live in carers. Mum isn't on a housing list which you have to be to apply for these bungalows. I imagine that would take many months. I was told youre talking £1000+ for live in carers.
Penny, if there are no suitable vacancies the hospital will just have to accept that. It's not your fault, or mum's. Have they done the Continuing Healthcare Checklist yet? Even if she doesn't qualify at the moment, don't be fobbed off that there's no point in doing it. It will give a benchmark to show clearly the state of her health at this point. One of the key issues of CHC is being able to demonstrate that mum's health is declining.
Penny wrote:
Thu Aug 31, 2017 9:50 pm

Oh Lars thank you for your lovely post.

You're truly welcome x

The way I see it, we're on this forum to support eachother.
bowlingbun wrote:
Wed Aug 30, 2017 3:58 pm
Penny, you tell them to contact Social Services. Self funding or not, she is ultimately their responsibility, NOT YOURS. Make a real effort not to get drawn into discussion, other than repeating "Contact Social Services" like a parrot.
Bowlingbun - the discharge team have put me in touch with Care Home Selection who work in the NHS (have you heard of them?). They are funded by NHS and their job is to find care homes for people who are self funding whereas social services only involve themselves if people have less than £23,250.

Mum is feeling very low and it's all very depressing actually.
Sorry Penny, don't think anything like that existed when mum was ill. I suggest you Google the name of the hospital and find out as much as you can. If they place mum somewhere, and she doeen't like it and refuses to pay, what happens then?! Make sure she goes to a home near you if possible. Does mum currently live local to you?
I'd never heard of that either so googled it and found this

https://www.chshealthcare.co.uk/service ... n-service/
I had never heard of it either! Two days to select a care home?? I visited about 12 over the course of a month and visited the shortlisted ones at different times of the day and at weekends. I understand the concerns over bedblocking but not convinced this is the answer!
A new " Clearing House " for care homes similar to the one for students seeking university placements ?

Hopefully , not a commercial enterprise notoriously prevalent in other sectors working on commissions / kick backs from those who choose to advertise thereon ?

If one doesn't advertise on a particular site , it will not be shown as an option.

Simples ???
'Care Home Clearing' sounds brilliant! Great idea!
PS - ditto for 'Respite Place in Care Home Clearing' - because with respite, having the caree 'close by geographically' is far less important, as they will only be there for a couple of weeks probably, won't they, while family carers get their (precious) holidays.

Also, respite places come up so quickly and unpredictably. Often they are, sadly in a way, simply a room that is empty after a resident has been hospitalised, or died, and they haven't moved a new permanent resident in yet.

Again, don't want to sound flippant about a serious, and sad, subject, but in a way it's a bit like 'bucket shops' for holidays and flights and hotel rooms - a clearing space for those with 'last minute availability' to 'clear' that quickly and in time.