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How do I deal with hospital discharge? - Page 4 - Carers UK Forum

How do I deal with hospital discharge?

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Hi Penny
I'm not saying don't use them, just be aware they are being paid by NHS to get Mum into a Home as quickly as possible. Speed is their main criteria. Your main criteria may be different.
Like with anything else it's just another piece of information.
You may find that if they don't find somewhere quickly they stop helping as they wont be paid by NHS, if the contract is based on performance.
If they do find somewhere good, local and acceptable, that's good.
There may be a chance that the NHS will have a "special rate" as they do with Continuing Healthcare Patients.
However having studied contract law long ago, I do not see how they can place someone who is self funding in ANY care home, unless either they, the organisation, are going to pay in full, OR the patient or their rep enters into a legally binding contract with them (not the NHS or this organisation).
"Whoever pays the piper calls the tune"!
My big worry is that there may be a lot of bullying. Does mum have an advocate? Do you have an advocate? Under these circumstances I'd be saying "We cannot continue this conversation further until we have both been given advocates". There a difference between being able to speak up for yourself, and being heard. That's why I now have an advocate too, and I'm sure you will all have gathered by now that I'm reasonably good at speaking up!!!!!
Well Mums still in hospital and medically fit apparently. The CHS woman visited us at the hospital today to say their contract with the hospital ends tomorrow so they will have no further involvement with us. That was shortlived for us. It's down to the discharge team now. She is going to see if there is any update on my request last week to send Mum to a small rehab hospital near us. That would buy us a bit more time to find somewhere.
My persistence paid off and they're moving mum tomorrow to a small rehab hospital. My next aim is to try and get NHS Continuing Care funding for her but I think that will be a massive issue unfortunately. I feel I have to try though.

I heard on the grapevine that one of the better homes I looked at has a room but their fees START at £895 a week depending on the care needed.
All gone very quiet here. Mums rehab hospital is lovely and she's being well cared for but we know it's not permanent. No homes have been in touch to say they now have a place.

I honestly believe Mum is going to need a nursing home rather than a care home. Her poor old legs have no strength and she still hasn't even walked on her frame yet.

It's a worry but some days I just have to switch off.