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How do deal with nurses lack of help? - Page 5 - Carers UK Forum

How do deal with nurses lack of help?

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Perhaps ask the police to visit your mum accompanied by a POVA special Social Worker. Ask the police to log your address as being vulnerable to violent abuse from the person, and to give you a personal attack alarm which can be linked to the police control room.

Then if anything kicks off they will send an immediate response
My heart sinks reading this.sorry to hear ryan .it is so sad that none of the agencys have not acted its all fell on deaf ears.and this abuse has continued.your mother is so controlled by him and you suffer the brunt of it. I would contact a solictor and see if u can get a court order against him.all this stuff will be noted in your mothers records that yous have reported.hopefully u can get a non molestation order out against him that he cant go near yous.its worth a try as yous have been failed by all other agencies.give all this evidence to soloictor and hopefully a judge sees different and protects your mother as she vunlerable and yourself.good luck
I wpuld also suggest if this works and things gets resolved you and your mum get counselling maybe through vitcom support
I think that's just what we need. I could attatch it to her bed then (she's got one of those hospital beds) and tell her if her father starts performing not to say anything but press the button and then maybe the police will walk in and catch my granddad out.

First things first though, getting a social worker out. I might make myself a doctor's appointment as I'll need to soon to discuss how I'm getting on with my anti-depressant. I could ask my doctor then if she could contact a social worker. Or perhaps first get my mum to sign a permission form to say I have the right to speak on her behalf. She said to me that she had never told them only her father is allowed to speak to them as I'm her carer. She wants me speaking to them. So it must be something he did. He probably told them a bunch of his lies about me.

Come to think of it she has her physiotherapist coming Friday. As long as my granddad's not there we could talk to her and see if she knows who we could phone to get a social worker over. We had one about a year ago so I know they would send one (although I haven't been able to get anywhere with them). And this physiotherapist is great. She's gone above and beyond her job description to contact my mum's GP about personal matters before. So I'm sure she'd know some sort of 'shortcut' phone number whereby we could get a social worker out.

It's definitely what we need right now. A social worker to come over sit with my mum for 20 minutes. Away from my granddad and I always let her have her privacy. Then they'll know then for sure and hopefully be able to set it all up.

My mum's quite tricky at the moment. She always keeps saying she wants to get him arrested but I get the impression she's too scared to go through with it. She'd rather have some way to keep him away without him being arrested as if that happened it would make him even more angry. But yeah first things first I'll see if I can get a social worker over. Thank you so much for your help its reminded me there are still options. It aint over yet!

And thank you Stacey it's a good idea and sounds exactly what we need. Like a kind of 'restraining order'. That's what my mum says she wants. Well at the moment she'd do anything for just one day off from his anger. But in the long run I think that's what'll be needed. I'll try the social first. I've got a checklist in my mind. I'll see if the physio knows any numbers, if not I'll get a doctors appointment (and get my mum to sign a form to say I have the right to talk to her), if that doesn't work I'll phone non-emergency police and see if we can get a social worker to visit. If that doesn't work I'll contact a solicitor. I do have an old friend who is a solicitor haven't seen him in over two years as it's been hard to get out of the house but I could send him a message and see if he can point me in the right direction.

Thank you both again for all your help. It's really helped me relax to know there are some options still out there
Yes do that as you suggest but if all else fails get some advice of solictor for restraining order the courts will have you and your mothers best interested at heart. Tell your mum your not looking him jailed its just a banning order to give yous a life. Good luck