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how can people who are supposed to care be so cruel - Page 2 - Carers UK Forum

how can people who are supposed to care be so cruel

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As much as I understand your anger about this disgusting woman,is there no way that Lisa could continue at the club.Not only does she have her friends there but it is also a break for yourself.

Could arrangements be made where she attends the club on nights that woman is not there.

Thinking of you both
x x x x
Hugs to both of you, how do these cruel people get jobs caring for our loved ones.

Thinking of both of you

Hi Rosemary l dont know this women runs this club ands is the escort on the bus that Lisa travels on it is run on a voluntary basis so she is a voluntary worker we ill see how things pan out
thanks again all
Oh Jean thats just terrible, but as Rosemary says if Lisa really loves it there then she should not have to miss out because of this women!

Thinking of you both, take care, Maryann x
The woman should be removed from her position. I thought that there were laws against this sort of attitude. Using the word 'bitch' is derogatory and quite honestly if some one called me what Lisa was called, I'd probably have smacked their face (and then got sent to prison for assault!). I feel really angry this was used against someone so vulnerable. I hope she gets the push. Image
well lhave spoken to social worker and she would like lisa to go back to club lisa does want to go back lm not so sure but its her choice they said she would get a written apology and a verbal one at club if she goes back things are a bit up in the air at the moment we will see what tuesday brings this has probably had a bigger effect on me than it has Lisa so l will have to put my feelings to one side and go along with lisa if that is what she wants and just be more aware and as the social worker said the women involved knows now that lm aware
l just hope l am doing the right thing
take care all
Hi Jean

Thanks for the update on Lisa - I think a written and verbal apology is the least you both should get for Lisa's appalling treatment, I hope the person involved has been reprimanded for being so disrespectful to Lisa.

If Lisa's happy there apart from this one incident she might want to go back, at least by your complaint the staff will hopefully be a little more professional in their attitude towards Lisa and the other members of the club.

Hope everything works out OK for you both, give Lisa a big hug from me.

Take care

Paula xx
Hi Jean can you post this womans name and telephone number on here. She is a scumbag and deserves to be told so.
Hi Pippin
This site would be liable for slander and character assassination if her name and number were put on here.
So we can have our say but that's about all.
Ok John, she made my blood boil. I appreciate your position Image