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how can people who are supposed to care be so cruel - Carers UK Forum

how can people who are supposed to care be so cruel

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well another terrible day lisa went to her club last night and one of the workers called her a lazy bitch becuase she said her legs where sore and she couldnt get up for her biscuit took me all night to get it out of her why she was so upset ashe kept on saying the lady in question called her a lady dog l got out her picture boards and she could tell me it started with a b and it was like a lady dog so l have been on phone all day complaining to social worker about this as the club is funded by social work l have been in such a temper today and l could have cried for lisa as she was so hurt goes without saying that she wont be back at club but l want this women taken to task for this remark she phoned me and said it was meant in jest, lisa has Autism she doesnt know what jest is it would be like telling her to hold her tongue she would do just that social worker is going to investigate as is lisa,s centre as she was upset there today as well l could have cried for her as lisa just loves the world and expects it to love her back l am just beginning to think straight now we will see what the outcome is
thanks for listening
hope everyone else is well
Take care
Jean, that's terrible - this person should be reprimanded for speaking to Lisa like that, no wonder you were so angry.

Give Lisa a hug from me.

Paula xx
l will Paula thanks l just feel so dreadful for her she has been going to this club for a year god knows whats been happening or being said that she hasnt been able to tell me l dread to think and l am trying not to upset lisa even further but l am trying to let her know she doesnt have to accept people talking to her like this or she will accept it all her life we will see what tomorrow brings
thanks again paula
Hello Jean, Try and get the worker to admit to lisa she was wrong to speak to her that way and apologise as it may be good for lisa to hear it!!

What do you think? would she benefit from being involved and seeing this matter resolved?

just a thought,
Love to you and lisa,

marie x
Oh Jean. I could have cried when I read your post. What an awful thing for your daughter. This is one of my worst fears with my youngest, Oliver. Like Lisa, he loves everybody and thinks the world loves him and is a wonderful place. It breaks my heart when I hear about this kind of abuse from the very people who are supposed to be supporting and looking after them. Also like Lisa, Oliver cannot talk and would never be able to tell me if anything like that happened to him.

I worry about the future and what will happen to him when I'm no longer around.

Thinking of you and hoping you can get this awful episode sorted out.

Love Dawn
What an absolute disgrace Jean.Trusting our loved ones with others is hard enough without situations like this.

Thinking of you and Lisa and hope you get this sorted to your satisfaction.

x x x x x
thank you all for your replys l just feel totally drained mentally as l never thought people in that postion could be so cruel how wrong was l its just a worry but lwont be sending her back to club even if she gets a personal apology as the trust has now gone and l would be afraid of any come back on lisa l know there shouldnt be but this happened and l never thought it would so l would will a bit wary of anything else
thanks again for your kind thoughts
Take care
It's disgusting, Jean.

People like that should not be allowed near our loved ones.
oh Jean, this is just awful, what a disgusting dog that woman is............. she may have said it in jest (even though i doubt it very much!!) but i am not jesting. How on earth can she say such an awful thing, how on earth did she get a job like that when she is so obviously clueless!! Lisa sounds so much like jonathan, autistic, but loves anyone and everyone and trusts all. I do hope you calm down, and Lisa is back to her sunny lovely self again. we can do without people like that in our lives. hugs to you both from me xxxxxxxxxxxx
Hi all yes l have calmed down a bit lisa is fine took her out bowling last night as a treat as l felt so sorry for her lisa will forget before me as her short term memory is really poor and she is so forgiving lisa sees the word bitch as swearing and on the phone this women as good as said to me she would hear much more than this in her life and yes she probabbly will lm not daft but it will not be aimed at her which this was she said l do to much for lisa that did it for me how dare she tell me how to bring up my daughter lisa is at that club for some leisure activities not for her to comment on what goes on in my home but as far as lm concerned it is finished as lisa wont be back as to the other members of the club that is up to social work as they now know what she is like
thanks again for all your thoughts
take care