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Housing benefit changes

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My son has SLD, lives alone in a privately rented flat, with support staff coming in. He pays £90 per week to the Independent Living Fund for his care, from his benefits. Until recently, his Housing Benefit covered all his rent, paid directly by the council to the landlord's agent. Now the rules have changed and he will have to pay roughly £6 per week "top up".Unfortunately, all the correspondence went to my son's flat, carers filed the letters without doing anything, so arrears have been building up since January. I only found out by chance! As his appointee, I always ensure that a few pounds a week are kept in reserve, so money is available to pay the arrears and top up, but of course that will mean there is less for a holiday or activity. I just wondered if the same thing was happening to others across the country?
It may be worth having a word with the Housing Benefit department in your son's local council. Explain the circmstances and they may, just may, allow payment to be paid in instalments. My daughter works in appeals for housing benefit so I know they aren't all ogres! Image

Bell x
Hi Bell,
Thanks for that, I'll try anyhow.
There are some big changes afoot regarding housing benefit, it may be worth your while accessing your local council's website for more information. I think the changes are coming in for April 2013.

Apologies if this is old news for everyone. Image
Plus Independent Living Fund is going to be abolished, I believe. I know people are fighting to keep it, but I don't think it has been successful.It has already been stopped for new clients.
Yes, the ILF has been "under notice" for some time now. It's a great shame that at the time of the announcement of the decision to abolish the ILF they didn't say what was going to happen to people like my son. Mind you, in my view it was a crazy system anyhow, I still can't finalise the accounts I received back in 2008 yet! (Long story, now being investigated by the Ombudsman).
I have now checked my Local Authority website for details of the changes being introduced - I had no idea about these, and would urge anyone in receipt of HB to look at their authority website sooner, rather than later. As it's almost 11.30pm I've just had a quick look, and will check again tomorrow. One of the most important changes is that gradually HB will be changed so that it is paid according to how many are living in the property, rather than the size of the property. Therefore a widow living alone in a 3 bed house once occupied by a large family would appear to be seriously affected.
.......Also if you are a couple and sleep in separate rooms for medical reasons you are still only entitled to one room Image well that's the way I read it ..... definitely check it out.