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Hospital treatment under palliative care? - Page 4 - Carers UK Forum

Hospital treatment under palliative care?

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Linda, I quite agree. I went into some detail with the nurses as to the exact 'how' of my husband dying - the very last thing I wanted was to have him 'suffer' in any way at all, especially as both his mother and his son were present.

Because he died of brain cancer, it was very 'peaceful' in that respect. He just became unconscious and unresponsive, and his circulation was visibly starting to fail, with mottled legs and arms. He had been nil by mouth for at least 24 hours (he'd lost the swallow reflex so was in danger of choking), (I kept his mouth moist with special large wet, but not dripping, cotton buds, and the nurse also assured me he was getting a little fluid into is body via the subcutaneous syringe driver delivering his meds constantly, and of course that the body naturally produces water in the cells as a byproduct of respiration - plus because he was immobile, he was using very little energy, and his water need was very small. But I was so fearful he was 'thirsty', so that was reassuring to me.)

We called the nurse in specially when we saw his skin discolouring, and we thought it would be 'that day', and so in proved.

When I look back now, I simply can't believe I got through that nightmare time. How DID I cope? I just don't know. But somehow I did. I guess we all do - we have no other choice, do we?

Above all, we want a painfree, 'easy' end for those we love....it's the final 'gift' that we can give them, and we hope it is a gift we shall be given, when our time comes....
If pain isn't being controlled then make a real fuss. There is no reason for a patient to suffer in this day and age. Is a hospice involved?
Real fuss made over three days! Today mum said she felt better. I sense that doctor is at odds with palliative care nurse. On Friday the PC nurse was to write the admission request to hospice. She implied a wait for a bed...,,.........
We're off to hospice this afternoon!!!!
Rosemary, that's wonderful. I do hope you and mum can now rest assured that she will get the care she needs in friendly comfortable surroundings, as my dad did.
My mum has 3rd stage heart failure and copd and is a frequent patient at our local hospital. I have never experienced any hospital doctor saying that she should not be admitted to hospital. They have all been marvellous as have the nursing staff.
However I have had many disagreements with her GP surgery. I was a nurse myself and know what is expected. I have phoned them on numerous occasions and have requested a visit As she needs antibiotics . They have prescribed them but rarely visited her to check her out. This has resulted in me phoning an ambulance as she had deteriorated further. One year ago she had sepsis from a chest infection and I discussed thistle attitude of the GPS with the consultant. She as very surprised that a GP would not visit a 96 year old lady.
Therefore I requested prior to her discharge that she should have a community matron overlooking her care and a heart disease specialist nurse to monitor her. This has been in place since and I cannot thank that matron enough for all the support my mum and I have got. I never phone the GPS now as I have her mobile tele number in case of emergencies. My mum also know that she can call her as well.
She sorts everything out. She is also a nurse prescriber so rarely need a doctor.

Really all I’m trying to say is everyone who is elderly and EOL care can request this. Without her I think I would have been ill myself trying to sort everything out
Presumably your mother's useless GP couldn't care less about your calling an ambulance - not his precious budget!
William, just so you know, you responded to a post from 2018. I don't know how Elizabeth is getting on these days. My mother died in the hospice mid May, 2018!
Rosemary_1706 wrote:
Wed Apr 25, 2018 4:14 pm
My 95year old Mum has recently been in and out of hospital with chest and bladder infections .She was sent home prematurely and was readmitted the next day. In fact her doctor called for the ambulance. Mum has a palliative care nurse but she hasn't played an active role so far. The latest hospital consultant spoke to me about mum's four admissions in the last month. He has put in a formal complaint about the latest discharge. He said because mum has palliative care, she should be treated at home by her general practitioner and the palliative care nurse. I told the consultant that mum was resistant to most antibiotics and she normally was given IV antibiotics (and fluids) and I understood the district nurses didn't administer those at home. (The district nurses do catheter care and care of The hospital acquired bedsores.)

The consultant has said I ought not call for an ambulance for mum to go to hospital again! So when mum does come home she will inevitably come down with another infection that will require intravenous antibiotics, who cares for her?. Does being on palliative care disqualify you from hospital care? The general practitioner arranged for the palliative care nurse and also for the ambulance ride to a&e.

I'm confused. Comments welcomed!
I guess antibiotics are the best thing she can have. As she is 95 her antibodies are very weak. Good luck and remember that there are different medications she can try, some will be more effective then others. I wish you the best of luck.
Rosemary_1706 wrote:
Mon Jun 15, 2020 1:28 pm
just so you know, you responded to a post from 2018. I don't know how Elizabeth is getting on these days. My mother died in the hospice mid May, 2018!
I am locking this thread, it is an old one.

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