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Hospital's Inability To Cater For Carers - Page 2 - Carers UK Forum

Hospital's Inability To Cater For Carers

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I had to stay with my son day and night for a month in hospital and a month later for 2 weeks. He had Osteomyelitis and they couldn't manage him as he needed 24/7 care. I slept on the same bed as him during his stay. It was even difficult to get something to eat each day as I couldn't leave him.
We stayed with Robert for 8 hours a day every day for the ten and a half months he was in the ICU but felt so guilty that we couldn't do what we did when he was in previously when I did the 12 hours during the day and my husband did the nights, due to my extremely severe osteoporosis and the fact they would not let us stay all the time because it was Intensive care. As it was sitting in an ordinary chair for 8 hours a day every day nearly finished off my back completely!

Not sure if this is 'cold comfort' but when I husband went into end stage, he was admitted to hospital (before he eventually was sent home for 'hospice at home' final care - thank goodness for that). He had private health insurance from his work, so was in a lovely private hospital - like hotel rooms. Everything was very, very nice, I can't fault it - but I refused to leave him (NO WAY was he going to be alone at all), and stayed there for about a week in the end (before he came home). Despite being a private hospital, and him in a private room, the only 'rest' I go was on a semi-comfy chair (sort of leathery tub chair type thing I thing), and basically 'flopping forward' on to his bed, where I could hold his hand as he lay there semi-comatose. How I did I don't know in retrospect (and I can't even begin to think what Eun and her husband went through all those nightmare months).

The hospital did what they could - they felt sorry for me - and when his mum came down from Scotland they arranged for her to sleep in a spare unused patient room, which was kind of them. (Whtehr it all got charged to the health insurance I have no idea any more). Another night I had to book a B^B nearby. My son went to stay with my good friend, whose son was a friend of hers (I will ALWAYS be SO SO SO grateful for her for that.

So, I guess the point I'm making is that even in the private sector it's still a formidable problem of 'where do the carers sleep when they are keeping vigil'.....
We have just been through this, and like those of you above we covered 24/7 caring for hubby in hospital. My eldest daughter and I covered the day, and youngest stayed overnight. 1st night she had to sleep in the chair, but the following nights they supplied her with a full size mattress.