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calling 111

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I know it's a bank holiday weekend, but it's getting a bit silly. I rang 111 @ 7.30 this morning for a doctor to come and see mum, as she's been sick a few times and the runs. It's now 12.45 and no sign. Someone did call about 11 & I gave a list of all her medications (12 items for the stroke she had) and yes a gp will come. Good thing mum slightly better. Will update when they do arrive.
Hi Nicholas,

Good to hear your mam is improving albeit it slightly, and hoping that dr arrives soon. If they don't and you get further concerns, ring them back, or if you think your mam needs urgent help, ring 999.

x x
Oh dear, it's always weekends and bank holidays isn't it?! (Same for pets...the vets do a roaring trade on 'emergency' days sigh).

And it's always extra worrying at a weekend. Hope things resolve positively soon for you and your mum.
Just a thought - but best to keep mum well hydrated if she can take anything and keep it down, as she will be losing fluid I would think. Do you have any of those 'electrolyte' sachets for when diarrhea strikes?
Hi Nicholas,
I think I've been told by 111 in the past they will try to send someone within 8 hours unless a more urgent need is identified and then they get someone medical either a dr or highly qualified nurse to call you back within 2 hours. As others have said if you feel things are getting really urgent call 999.
If less urgent but concerned ring back 111 and say you want to make sure thye have the right address or something like that as no one has turned up.
Evening everyone, and thank you for your replies. The emergency doctor eventually came at 3pm and I managed to go to the chemist to get what he prescribed. Unfortunately, almost immediately after she had taken the new medication, she was sick and then diahhorea several times. I called 999 and fair play to them, 2 ambulances came within 5 minutes. Gladly things seems to have settled down. I'll call regular gp on Tuesday if no reoccurance. Thank you again for your thoughts