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Hospital Discharge

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Thank you Greta-interesting but as you say probably no help .
Thank you Mrs A .
Thanks Greta, that 'surplus income' exemption is interesting and could be a useful way of carees gifting regular sums to their carers, if they can afford it.
I had been worried at the thought of carers being 'paid' by their carees as that brings in whole lot of employee and taxation law, minimum hours working, paid holidays etc (except those being offically paid as part of a Direct payment scheme as that money comes from public purse, not carees)
Being gifted regular sums does not count as earned income and therefore isn't liable for income tax.
What an interesting topic
Henrietta, I am afraid it is as I suspected, that if the caree is in need of care even the £3000 gift may be seen as deliberate deprivation by the LA:

http://www.which.co.uk/elderly-care/fin ... ing-assets

No reason not to risk it, of course.

Mrs A, I eventually considered being paid an income, on which I would have had to pay 20% tax, because I was still working self-employed, but much less than if I had not been caring. But the gift out of surplus income solved that: there really was no tax on it at all (confirmed by a tax accountant). However, I was a bit worried when I had to fill in all my brother's outgoings per tax year for HMRC to check. For instance, I had missed the chance of printing out his bank account which I was running online, so I had to have it sent. It was also fortunate that I had a running record of spending because we split most shopping and utilities down the middle.

It is a little-known provision and I wish I had known about it earlier. But before CHC my brother was paying more than his pension for care.
The deliberate deprivation law (Care act 2014) is very vaguely worded and as yet doesn't seem to have been tested in court.

It does seem to contradict the IHT laws which say you can give away what you like as long as you pay tax on it if you die within 7 years (over certain allowances )

I think there will be some interesting cases over the next few years.

Certainly for people who have 'surplus income' it seems to make sense to make regular gifts from that to whoever they want for whatever reason, and if that should happen to include a carer so be it. Just keep full records of what is gifted, to whom, when and why.

And get it set up as soon as possible, don't wait for home care or residential care to be looming
Records also of what income was regularly spent on, to show there was a surplus. In our case: groceries, utilities, medical supplies, newspapers.
Well that all came to nothing- Dad went down with a chest infection and was back on IV ABs for a few days- still being discharged on Wednesday- still on antibiotics, still not able to stand, still wearing pads......... Will he go to sleep at night I wonder?
Henrietta, how the heck can he be "fit for discharge" before he's finished this latest course of antibiotics, after all the ones he's just finished didn't cure his problem, did they?! He is so frail they need to make sure he really is well enough, or he will be back in again within days, or even hours.
Hi BB- I feel you are right but it seems in their eyes once there is no longer need for Intravenous meds , he ceases to need nursing care and merely care which can be given in the community. Realisticaly he is unlikely to suddenly become "well" - remembering he has been on ABs nearly constantly since October with only a couple of weeks off in between each course at most. A glimmer of hope- Dad did actualy say he felt a little better yesterday which is the first time he has said that since admission.