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Hospital Discharge

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Hi Henrietta
I hope the walk helped, and was dry!
Maybe a move to a Home will be a blessing in disguise as more people than you ( and nhs who have their own agenda ) will see how bad he is and maybe his care plan will change.

As regards finances, taking back 'payment' in one lump might well be construed as deliberately reducing his assets.
However Dad can give £3000 each year as a gift free of tax and this can be backdated for previous tax year too. So he can give you £6000 now for this tax year and for last. Then after April 6th he can give you £3000 for next tax year.
https://www.moneyadviceservice.org.uk/e ... itance-tax
Hi BB- It's so much easier giving out dvice than doing it yourself sometimes.
No I haven't offered anything to any care homes or made promises at the hospital- I just listened . I've only engaged the care agency from next Wednesday. If the Drs say dad is now stable and fit for discharge , not requiring anymore care than District Nurses can provide. They say this is the new plateau :( and he is ready for discharge. How can I argue against that? They seem to have brought him back from the nearly gone stage and I can't stop him coming home. If he can't come home he still has to be thrown out of acute bed and SS won't pick up the tab. I'm not sure unsafe discharge would wash if he's going into a care home. (No phone call back from SS yet) . I can't turn round and say I refuse to pay his bill. They might go for deputyship or something.
Mrs A - I think I looked into the £3K fo IT purposes and think it had to be done 7 years ago to count so we gave up on the idea. The prospect of Dad reaching 98 seems a little far fetched. If the care plan is reviewed it will still be self funded :(
Whatever is going to happen when they close 3 or our local cottage hospitals but that is another story.
Henrietta wrote:
Mrs A - I think I looked into the £3K fo IT purposes and think it had to be done 7 years ago to count so we gave up on the idea.
I thought the 7 year ruling applied to gifts over £3000 ?
I believe its anything over the £3000 pa that would become liable to tax if decease before 7 years. The £3000 pa is safe from tax,
Thank you Susie and Mrs A - I will re visit that tomorrow.

Edited- just looked at web site and here from the official site is the bit that I had read. Have I misunderstood it then?


"The 7 year rule
If there’s Inheritance Tax to pay, it’s charged at 40% on gifts given in the 3 years before you die.

Gifts made 3 to 7 years before your death are taxed on a sliding scale known as ‘taper relief’."
But that's gifts after the first £3000. That first £3000 is a tax free allowance.
Simples (not) ;)
It is right that you can give £3000 a year without IHT.

I didn't realize we were talking about IHT. I thought we were talking about deprivation of assets. But I suppose it's right, if £3000 can be given free of tax it must be OK. I've just been signing the form so I'm certain.

Henrietta, the 'sliding scale' applies to gifts over £3000 pa.

There is another provision which may not apply for you. It's called gifts out of surplus income. If the donor has surplus income every month, he or she can pay a regular sum of money in addition to the £3000. I used this instead of payment for care, but only after my brother had CHC. I had to supply a summary of income in the last two years before death and the dates of gifts of surplus income (I didn't do it for very long because I only heard about it by accident - and the legal executive dealing with probate for me had never heard of it!)
We were talking about Deprivation of assets-yes. But - I guess if you give a gift of 3K-it can't also be considered deprivation?

Greta- never heard of the surplus income bit before- what counts as income-state pension, private pension, AA, interest - the whole lot? What deductions do you need to take off- all bills or just care costs? Any links for me to read up on this?? Many Thanks
Surplus income - you have to take off absolutely everything, so I doubt it applies in your case. It would be deprivation of assets. (I agree that £3000 pa is probably not deprivation of assets). If your father got continuing healthcare, it would be a different matter.
Here's a link:
https://www.warnergoodman.co.uk/for-you ... penditure/
They are covered by 2 separate pieces of legislation. The iht rules are clear, the deprivation ones not so. However I doubt Ss would press for deprivation of £3000 pa. it would cost them more than that in legal fees

If dad gave you a house worth £300,000 thats a different kettle of fish and who knows what Ss would do, probably go for deprivation

(That latter scenario would still bring dad in under iht rules, i think, as iht only comes in when assets, and gifts (over £3000), total more than 325,000)

Ps, I'm not qualified, but above is my humble opinion