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Hospital Car park charges

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I see we have again been diverted from the Heading of this thread which started about hospital car park charges.
Now we are on a different subject altogether.
It's so easy to stray from an original topic and end up talking about something completely different I am not criticizing but just saying how easy it is to loos track of thing's.
Anyway what do you think about the prices of Tea & Coffee & Snack's in hospital's another deviation from the parking subject.
I avoid the tea, coffee and snacks bars provided by private contractors in hospitals and head for the staff canteen if it's open for visitors, our local hospital does excellent meals as well as drinks and snacks at reasonable prices, patients and visitors pay a little more than staff but they're still good value.
Stokes uni hospital has not got much parking space at the mo. Got alot of building work goin on so staff , patients and visitors alike are struggling.

Cheryl ...... Hows that Image
I paid car parking of at least £10 a day when I was visiting mum in hospital last year.
I could have travelled by public transport as I only live 14 miles away....it would have taken over an hour and a half there and probably longer back depending on what time of day I was travelling and that's with good connections. It would have cost £7.60, I probably would have had to stand most of the way, listened to everyone's mobile phone conversations (both irritating and dull), tinny headphones, probably be near the full smelly rubbish bin on the train, standing on a filthy cold platform, sitting on a full hot smelly bus, full of asbo teenagers smoking, drinking, spitting (what is that all about?) and generally being revolting.....my local hospital car park is always full. They sold the staff car park land to some developers a few years ago for a tidy profit.

My mum was a nurse in the early 1960's they were sent home by matron if they were wearing so much as smudge of rouge! No make-up or painted nails! Hair tied back! Smart uniforms with starched collars! It's just not important these days is it?