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home emergency cover

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i tried to use my home emergency cover last night because my boiler was dripping water,to be told they can't send anybody out because i couldn't prove the boiler had been serviced within a year,i forgot to get my book signed for the second warmfront service,i even explained it was a warmfront boiler installation and i had the electrical certificate dated june 2009 and the first service signed 2010 and that if it was a warmfront job it's obvious they service them twice,i even explained my wife has alzheimers and i'm struggling to do my best holding everything together,no chance,so check your small print,also make sure you don't have the emergency at 9'oclock at night when you can't get proof of things like servicing,i missed the chance of extended insurance on heating because i was chasing everywhere trying to get wife's diagnosis sorted and i was all over the place mentally,i would of expected a bit of understanding from them not a cop out clause.
I had a similar problem with them. I had British Gas out in the end.
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Why don't you tell them that you are going to write to your MP about it. I would, and I would.
And a call to the local "rag" might get them the attention they don't want.
in the end the drip turned out to be the overflow pipe blocked which i sorted myself and just waiting on a plumber to check it and do this years boiler service at the same time,but that's not the point,realising what you've paid for is a con is,i'm going to complain about it but got to sort the idiots at n e lincs council out first,wtc goes up and my bill does to,a repeat of last year,i get more money because earnings low and they want some more council tax off me,i complained last year and got told i won that one "PATHETIC"!!!!!! and got a refund
I think all the home emergency covers are a complete rip off.

I started to warm up the water prior to giving my husband a shower. All of a sudden the water stopped. I fiddled with the shower dial and a small amount of water came out of the shower head. I'd just replaced the shower head because the old one used to spray water all over me whilst I was showering husband. So, I figured the new shower head was faulty.

As I was complaining to husband I thought I heard water running. Where? I'd turned the shower off completely and nothing was running in the bathroom. Still, I could hear water. I went downstairs and the sound got stronger, as it would. Water was pouring out of the light fixture above the dining room table, cascading over the table like a waterfall and then onto the carpeting. PANIC! Shut the water off to the house and eventually it stopped. Called for emergency service and plumber arrived 2 hours later (10:30 pm). Was I covered? No. I am only covered for "hidden" leaks. Hidden!!!!!! It was hidden to me why water was pouring out of the ceiling light and not out of the shower above. Had to call a plumber who arrived the next day - a stop had blown off the pipes to the shower which were located behind the shower wall. That is apparently not hidden enough to be covered by emergency cover policy!