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holiday grant?????? - Carers UK Forum

holiday grant??????

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hi everyone i am a full time carer for my wife we have two young children and was wondering if there is anything like a holiday grant i can claim...any advice would be great thanks

I was told about www.familyfund.org.uk by the lovely people on here.

I have the forms but not got round to sending them off yet, ( you just reminded me ).
Im not sure if they can help but worth a shot. Im asking for help with a washing machine.

Good luck x
thank you tracy i will give it a try
just looked on their website and it seems it can only help people that have a disabled child under the age of 17 so we dont qualify as my wife is the one who is disabled...anyone else have any ideas of a holiday grant????
Oh sorry i should of checked first..hope you get a break..i dont know anyone that would give a grant..
thats ok tracy thanks for the advice and good luck in getting a washing machine
Have you tried asking the social for any type of grant they may do, or is it just loans they give out?.
dont think they do a holiday grant but never mind maybe someone will come up with some ideas
use your cas payment to pay for a caravan for the weekend on the grounds you will sink if you don't get away,might not have loads to spend whilst your there but a breaks a break at the end of the day
do you have a local carer"s center our local center you can get a holiday grant £200 or have a break grant of £100 hope you get a break if you need any more info send me a message Image