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rosemary wrote:Although not been used for a while we already had a topic re hobbies. Therefore I have merged these 2 together to keep everything in one place. :D

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Thanks, Rosemary Brilliant. I know you like poetry don't you:) I'd love to see your own poems as well in your thread:) xx
For me its reading. I get through a book every week or 2. Cant fall asleep without one crashing to the floor, so no online books for me.

I do enjoy computer versions of Scrabble, solitaire and jigsaw but also like candy crush, which I do the hard way by not buying any extras. Nearly up to level 2000
I have a lot of hobbies but don't get a chance to enjoy some of them but for this topic I quite enjoy cooking, reading, music (playing and listening), writing, acting, drama, cheering on Sligo Rovers and Sligo GAA teams (which is hard as they are both rarely ever on TV) :D
Well my hobbies was Airsoft (like paintball just more fun), RC Planes and RC quad-copters and computer games unfortunately last time i did any was 10 months ago
Reading - I read 2 or 3 books a week. I am Chairman of a local Book Club plus we have a Facebook group so we share views on books we have read and also swap books, so that keeps the costs down. I also use the library a fair bit when I can get!

Cats too! I enjoy showing my lovey Norwegians although not sure how much longer I can do this for. At the moment, husband comes too and quite often a lovely friend who shows takes us.

I would love to get more involved in my local Rotary but husband not keen sadly and maybe not well enough but I try to go to some of the meetings.

I do use Facebook but mainly to stay in touch with cat friends. Not really into computer games so far but maybe worth a try?