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Unfortunately with a lot more to do at home and money being tight my beautiful horse has taken a back seat, especially the last 6 months or so.

But we have taken up dog showing and agility... both of which my partner can come along to watch and enjoy (as if you ask him, the bitch, who does all the showing and agility is HIS dog! :lol: )

The dogs have their own page on facebook if there are any other dog fans on here.. http://www.facebook.com/bonniesadventuressbt its a great place for me to keep a record of our progress without boring the life out of my miserable facebook 'friends' :lol:

What hobbies do you all have?
My hobbies include Knitting,,, knitting,,, and yes,,,,,,,Knitting,, I am a knitter-holic,, I love computer games Mahjongg Lara Croft Tomb raider,, any hidden object games,, Maggie xx
Hey Maggie shame you arent closer! In my spare time I volunteer for a charity called North Wales Superkids, we are always looking for people to knit Easter chicks as in the run up to Easter we sell sometimes thousands of them with a creme egg inside. They raise some fabulous amounts of money for us but unfortunately most of our long suffering knitters are giving up now or doing a lot less chicks than usual! :(
I'm a keen sewer and I love gardening. After my car accident, I have large raised troughs full of fuchsias and geraniums at this time of the year. I have very "green" fingers, I can tear off a bit of plant, dig a hole in some compost, pop the plant cutting in the hole, and leave it there for a few weeks....and it will have rooted! This never ceases to amaze me, however many times I do it, and it saves a fortune. I mainly sew my own clothes, but also make curtains and cushions. Nothing desperately clever or fancy, I usually use pretty designs and let the fabric do the talking for me.
Im not good at things like sewing or gardening. I have a brilliant creative imagination then I come to actually putting it together and dont have the patience! Would much rather go and poo pick my horses field! lol.

I wish I could sew myself some pretty curtains for my patio doors! Theyre so expensive to buy!
I wish I had a good imagination! Patio door curtains aren't that difficult. I used to make mine mainly by hand, but now I sew them on a machine. The ones I made 15 years ago are still going strong! Perhaps you could find a friend who could sew in return for something?
Hi, I love reading and gardening. I like trying out new recipes and craft type activities. I love giving the cat some attention. I find being out in the countryside relaxing.

Mine is photography: I had to give it up for a long time but have revived it recently. Digital cameras are really useful in that they are cheap to use compared to the old film cameras.

Took this one on holiday - I loved the fact that these guys had straining buttons at the same time as they were playing their 'bones. Kept listening for the "twang!"


I knit, crochet and cross stitch, currently stitching a wolves in the night project and knitting baby things. :)
hi ,read and make models ,but i haven't made ,finished ,or started any for a while ,might get into it again in the winter .