Hi all

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Hi all
I'm new to this site so just thought i would introduce myself. We have had to fight for eveything we have got so far, it's been long and hard but we are not giving up yet. We had problems with the local education authority, because our son has been diagnosed ADHD/ASD and lots of problems with his schooling. He was being excluded as regular as clockwork and because of this and the problems we had at home I had to leave my job and eventualy we lost our house as well. Before all these things came to a head I was under the disillusion that there were lots of agencies that would help us, how wrong i was. Our DWP and DLA and childrens services are xxap. The local education authority accused us of being bad parents, anti school and even said that if the school took my son for just mornings childrens services could pick up the pieces in the afternoon. This is an actual quote. Anyway enough ranting I must be more possitive. Love this site I hope it can be of help to me and look foreward to maybe getting and giving any help i can.
Yours aye Alex.
Hello Alex

A very warm welcome to the forum!

Its the same thing that too many of us can also say unfortunately...having to fight tooth and nail for everything. I hope that we can support you and I'm sure you'll be a wonderful addition of support to the forum.

Sorry, I can't type more but I got to get Mums water flushes done!

Take care

Maryann x