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I am a carer and have been for many years. But I am annoyed at the way things are going. The Government have lost the plot alltogether. I dread old age and I also dread THE NHS. I am scared and need to talk to some one Please . I have no one to talk to and no help . My Husband Is registered as Disabled also deaf & partially sighted. I work all hours to care for him. Yet no rest at all for Amanda !! Never mind I am used to this now. But I am really scaredof how exactly we are all going to suffer with yet More Savage cuts. Regards amandah
Amanda, you're not alone. My partner has parkinsons and as he gets worse I fear what I'm being left to deal with. The cuts could easily ruin whats left of our lives.
I dont have any advice, just wanted to say hi..iv not been here long so just finding my way around.


you sound like you need a bloody good rest

Sense run holidays and respite for deaf blind adults and children. Get as much help as you can whereever you can get it.
Hi Thanks for this information. I will take a look at it. Kind regards Amandah
Hi Amandah you are not alone in feeling worried about the changes I care for my son who has both physical and mental health problems. Just keep telling myself take one day at a time. sending you hugs and best wishes. shazi
Hi Amanda...same here my gals day service will be getting cut within a year she will loose the three days that she is currently attending, trying to set up some form of voluntary work ( another job for me accompanying my gal before/after my job) but its not looking promising, she is not independant, and needs to feel shes in a "safe " working enviroment, well i work part time and looks bleak for me if nothing is sorted. I dont want to. but might have to reduce my hours....again, so again financially loosing out.......well we will see Image ...im trying not to worry but contingency plans are whirling around the cogs in ma brain...
Hi Thanks for your emails. It really is horrid out there. But I guess that there are many people out there , who are worse off but it still doesnt make it any better. At least wimbledon tennis is on I hope. And a day at a time. Thanks again regards amandah