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Hi I am caring for my husband, he has diabetes and foot ulcers as a consequence.
He is in a wheelchair because he has had the necrotic skin cut off the ulcers and cant walk.

As soon as one heals up he gets another. Does anyone have experience of this? he is ok with leg ulcers, he has banged his legs before and barely gets a bruise but the slightest foot knock brings about another ulcer. I'm so fed up I havent said but I'm so knackered pushing this wheelchair all the time, he wont stay in, if he knows I have to go out he insists on coming too.

Does anyone have any tips to get these ulcers healed up faster. he's seen a dietician who says eat more protein but he has protein almost every meal. he cant eat oranges because they react violently with his antibiotics.

Didn't want to read and run. Is his diabetes under control or is it high blood sugars that cause the ulcers (my hubby was diabetic but never had this). If so maybe she means eat more protein and less carbs. Is it worth speaking to the diabetes team?

As for the wheel chair problem it is possible to to get power packs to reduce the strain to the person pushing or can an electric one or a scooter be borrowed until his legs are better
Hello there, My wife has diabetes, but not leg ulcers, she has foot pains that are very severe but for you I would ask your g.p to be refereed to a diabetic specialist consultant & don't take no for an answer be assertive with your g.p

Also might be an idea to ask to see a tissue specialist consultant too - this may well be a nurse but should prove fruitful, hopefully. Go online too & see your local NHS services in your area are - this may be helpful - but above all{ do try. The leg ulcers may not be able to prevent them form happening but you never know. Good luck god bless, happy carers week I think that is the term the occasion. Kind regards Paul. I do hope that is helpful - I know this is a real nightmare stuff good luck !!!
Hi, my dad has diabetes and has suffered from leg ulcers on and off for some years. The last lot to appear have hung around for about 3 years, but this is due to the impaired blood supply to his leg, caused my vascular disease.
Last October there was a lot of necrotic tissue involved and the smell that came from them was awful, you could smell it when you walked into the same room he was in and to take him in the car was unbearable, even with the windows open. A tissue viability nurse that sees dad at the hospital suggested trying " medihoney" ( on prescription) and the results within a week or so were amazing. No more dead skin or odour. It really did help the healing process.
He does still have the ulcers but as I said above his blood flow is impaired and a previous by pass that he has done is failing which is the main cause now but his leg looks a lot healthier than it did. Hope this helps.