help with care agency needed

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All care agencies provide a diary sheet/book in which the carer writes down the date and time of each visit and tasks completed etc. After a while these are taken into the office where they are audited and placed into the clients file. They should be kept for several years by law.

You should have the right to access these notes should you wish to see them.
We have had the time sheets sitting in our son's bedroom since December!! So much for them being legal documents which HAVE to be signed and kept by the agency. Waste of time. The workers don't (and never have) signed anything other than their name and the time of arrival/departure - nothing about what tasks they have completed (usually as little as they can get away with lol). We even have to write to the social work department to let them know when Rob is at respite cos they try to charge for visits when son is not even here!!