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help with care agency needed - Carers UK Forum

help with care agency needed

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Just wondering if anyone knows if i can find out when (day and time) and how long the carers have visited my grandmother for (aside from asking her)

Had a couple of issues and i think this could help

Thanks in advance Image
Hi Rory

Just passing and saw this, someone with more expertise will be along shortly!

I know when my mum had carers coming in, they had to write their times of arrival and departure in a book supplied by the care agency, also what they had done while they were there. Helped prepare a snack, help with personal care etc.

Any good?
Yes brilliant thanks,

I do not know if this is going on at present (going to speak to my parents later).

The issue i have is essentially they could be lying, or my grandmother could be confused regarding certain issues and they could be telling the truth.

Ive been reading that carers are required to dial in or use some kind of check in system so they can get paid from the council,

This information is more likely to be accurate (or at least less prone to abuse) than simply writing in a book, does anyone know if i can legally get access to this?

Thanks for all the help
by ladybird » Mon Mar 11, 2013 7:02 pm

Hi again! Kind of surprised that nobody else has picked up on this..

Anyway, I have some experience of this too. One of the care agencies that mum had used this system, where they had to "log in" by calling a certain number, the number then immediately rang back to check they were actually there.

I'm not sure if this is done with the councils own careworkers (I just realised I wrote carers instead of careworkers in my previous post-big no-no!!) but quite a few agencies do it now.
I think you will find that the number goes directly through to the agency so really, you are not any better off, they would still need to write in the book or care plan as it tends to be called.

Rory, if you don't mind, I am going to flag this with the moderators. There is a chance it could get "overlooked" because you have don't have a separate thread for your own query, might get more responses that way?

Will keep fingers crossed.
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hi Rory,
Does your grandmother have a neighbour who might keep a check on the careworkers times for you? They do have to write it down, or call in, but I had problems with one man who used to write down that he'd been there longer than he had. This was when I was there ! I reported it but the system is easy to abuse if you get a bad careworker. I only had one careworker do that in 3 years though.
Are you worried about whether they are doing what they should while they are with your grandmother, or just the times? How aware is your grandmother? It's difficult if she isn't able to tell you. Could you or another family member drop in when they're there, if they know you might do that they'll be more careful.
Lesley x
The only other solution is a covert camera. I've never used one myself but know that there have been several carers with similar problems who have resorted to this. Apparently they are quite cheap and readily available on the internet, hidden in a teddy bear or a clock, so nothing obvious at all. Only you can decide whether your concerns are so serious that they require something like this, for example if you suspect some form of abuse. If you believe it is more an issue of fraud, i.e. they are saying that they are there, when they are not, then that might be best solved in a different way. I made a Subject Access Request to my local authority when I wanted to see the information they kept on me, but as you are asking for information which relates to someone else, you would probably need to have power of attorney or the client's permission.
I could be wrong but I seem to remember there can be problems with covert cameras, not sure if there are legalities involved in filming people without their permission.

Would hate to think that people could get into trouble with the law for doing this so maybe check out your rights before doing so?
I have an idea that you can't film members of the public going down the street but can film in your own place, but there must be a definitive answer somewhere.
The most basic system that I have used in the past, is where the careworker calls a family mobile from the landline in the house, the state the time and reasons that the may be late (does happen) they then call at the end of the visit (again from landline) with what they done on the visit.

The mobile allows the number to be viewed straight away, you have an easy to control voicemail and it will log times of call, as well as the landline having the calls logged on bill.

Hope this helps.
I am always here when my Mum's carer is, so I am lucky and I only get 2 x 15 minute calls a week to keep up with. Carer has to fill in the book every time, which I have access to. Carer also has GPS on her work mobile and has to activate her phone when she arrives and leaves.