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Hi All, this morning after a dreary morning on disability issues after two weeks of husband being ill and then me catching his bug, i then received a letter asking me to do jury service. Given that husband really needs amost full time care, so taking upalmost all my time, ,apart from the few hours we have a personal assistant visit,how on earth can i do jury service? How does one go about getting exempted???
Please help with some advice!!
Just phone them up and explain your situation.
Hello Liz

one of members successfully applied for an exemption for her caree last year - see here for her, and others advice

https://www.carersuk.org/forum/specific ... ry#p301414

I would suggest that you obtain a Doctor's letter or a note from your Social Worker (if you have one) explaining that you are your husband's main carer.
When I was called for jury service, I simply explained my caring role and my son's disability, and was excused without any problem.
Hello Liz,
My caree was called for jury service, I wrote an explanation of why he couldn't serve and that was enough. So I'd try that first and hope the jury office are as understanding as they were in Bowlingbun's situation and if that fails call in the Calvary and get a supporting letter from a health/ social care professional as suggested by Susieq.


NB I wrote and then heard nothing. Turned out they'd accepted my exemption request but hadn't managed to contact me to let me know, as I hadn't included my telephone number (and it hadn't occurred to them to write and let me know their decision,) so put your telephone number on any correspondence.