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help please

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thank you rosemary. that was much appreciated. xx
just to keep you up to date.

i went to the hospital today to see mum and they told me that an assessment had been done and mum did not reach the criteria for a care support package.

i said i could not understand that. the nurse on duty put me in touch with s.w. who had done the assessment and she came down to the ward to see me. it turned out that she believed everything my mum had told her about how she will look after herself (with one hand) and that her daughter would help her. i had to be very assertive and explain how difficult it would be for mum etc.etc. and she agreed, with apologies, to make a referral for a care package to be set up. i said i would not be taking mum home until the care package was in place.

so i followed all your advice, and hope that it works out well. fingers crossed.
pam x
Well done, Pam. It's always hard to fight "City Hall" the first time! Hopefully the help will be in place quickly, but remember there is a legal duty to put the help in place before your mum is sent home.
help put in place before mum came out. all she would agree to is somebody to come in the mornings to help wash/shower and dress. had it one day and now refusing it anymore. s.w. is advising let her get on with it then.
i agree with everything that has been said more or less but getting a care package in place is very hard you have to push very hard to get one i had a stroke about a week ago and noreen was put in hospital to be cared for cause there was no one home to lookafter her when i got discharged i was sent home without any care i was left to my own devices and struggle on so it is very hard to get any care i suspect you have to be dying to get it even then its bloomin hard thank god for good neighbours keeping me fed we are hoping that noreen will get home this week we shall see
Doug I do hope you are recovering well. Will you get help for Noreen when she comes home?
hi myrtle i cant really get going because i havent seen physio to get me going i could try but i might do something to make things worse there will be care in plce when noreen gets home
but only for noreen well thats how i understood it maybe picked it up wrong my mind is in a muddle at mo wonders a little bit which worries me
Well it's good that there is something in place for Noreen, but I think it's awful that they sent you home with no support Image