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Care Agency shall remain nameless.... for now -Carers UK Forum

Care Agency shall remain nameless.... for now

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You and I are stressed, as carers we live with upheaval, traumatic events, anguish, money worries etc etc etc you know what I mean.....

But what really pigs me off are people who are paid to be efficient - paid to take some of our troubles and only end up adding to them.

Let me explain..

We have carers coming in daily to attend to my poor ould fella - they are wonderful, lovely people doing an admirable job under very tight time schedules - every praise for them.
Their administration team are ABSOLUTELY RUBBISH

I have been complaining about them since we first started using the service which was set up and is paid for by social services.

I ended up this evening consoling the Agency Boss because she was distraught that her 'back office' team set up was in her words " BROKEN".( well, she might lose the contract with county) If I tried to explain everything that has gone wrong, it would take me all night but it includes my poor ould fella being left unattended in a swimming pool, carers turning up when he was in hospital, invoices not being sent out because a clerk had got married, clerks not returning calls, care instructions not being updated for weeks.

But the tin lid was when a Care Manager cancelled two appointments to come out and see me - the first could be forgiven, but the second time she phoned at exactly the time she should have been at my house, and tried to persuade me that she had made the appt for a different day, even though I have it in my diary. Boss listened to the recorded phone calls, and confirms that the female was lying to me, and trying to make me believe I had it wrong. This same Care Manager phoned me 3 weeks ago to tell me missing invoices were definitely in the post....... the invoice arrived 2 days ago, and there is still one missing -almost 3 weeks to get here? They ought to sack the tortoise!

I did not sleep well last night with everything on my mind, and have had a stress headache after this daft conversation with the agency Boss - I think I will go to bed.

OH another couple of things in passing......

I was told I could take a very much needed break with the help of a carers grant of £175. Goody, and I arranged the break, only to be told that the office had forgotten to fill a form in, and I will now get the grant on 27, after being home over 2 weeks! I had to borrow the money from family in order to take the break - how embarrassing.

In despair in mid JULY I was told that I needed counselling by same lady who suggested the grant. Put me in touch with a set up called Counselling for Carers - put my name down - and three months later, still waiting for an appt. I believe there is a bit in the bible about " Physician heal thyself" - It's OK now, I don't want counselling anymore - afterall, I have all you lovely people to spout off at !!!!!

sleep well one and all, I intend to

Mary, I have just sent an absolute barrage of emails this week to my son's care agency. I too find their lack of organisation, their endless excuses, the denial that some jobs are etc. etc. so frustrating.
However it was the new SSD Service Manager for half the county that totally hacked me off. (Please find better words!) Five years ago, following my formal complaints of financial abuse, there were a series of meetings over 9 months, involving the Area SSD officer, and at times the head of LD for the County, and a Mental Capacity Assessment. A really robust care plan was drawn up, balancing my son's need to access his money for food etc. against his total inability to count or understand the implications of his spending , etc. etc.
This latest letter, from yet another new member of staff said she was "sorry we can't do what you want..."
I then explained that it was not MY plan, but HER DEPARTMENT'S plan that wasn't working, needed to be rediscovered etc. etc. All I want is to live in peace and sew all day!
Meanwhile the care agency have decided to draw up yet another money sheet, not asking me for any input, when I've had 40 years of experience and have formal accountancy qualifications. They can't even get their staff to use a pen or calculator properly.
It has been said before here, and I'll say it again, it's not the caring which is most stressful, but dealing with the officials. So, so true.
I've been totally hacked off the last few days. Recording again. My DDs or myself can not get to the bottom of why poor hubby's face is so bruised. From what I can gather, 4 yes 4 night staff went to wake hubby at 6.30am Sunday morning. They wanted to hoist him, when day staff use the stand aid. The night staff didn't record it to any satisfaction. Said he was physically and verbally aggressive. Banged his face. On what, how? No one hurt they say?Well my husband is,. He doesn't get up so early. The day staff usually shower him. So, the manager is going to speak to the staff involved tonight. For one thing, the CQC would certainly disapprove of the inadequate explanation. She would be answerable to that. DD 2 went back last night. To check he was ok. I could go on and on about this. I want an explanation. Doesn't take 4 staff to wake someone. I would be angry. Who wouldn't at 4 people looming over them. It breaks my heart that he was probably frightened. The day staff are just as perplexed.
Watch this space!
In my mum's care home they seemed to have a rule not to wake residents, they worked round the time the resident woke up. It's really not acceptable for them to wake people at this hour. Why wake anyone in a care home? It's not like they've got a bus to catch to go to work, or catch a flight is it? I'd have thought it was in their best interest to have residents asleep as long as possible.
Have you contacted CQC. Seems there are a number of issues that need sorting out.
    Better recording of care.
      Better policy around waking up procedures
        An open and honest method of dealing with relatives
        Here is another one to think about......

        I fostered an absolutely delightful lad who had cerebral palsy. He lived with us from the age of 4 months. He was bright and happy but could not speak and was wheelchair bound and needed full care.

        We moved to our present home from elsewhere and brought him with us. He remained in the care of the original authority, but under the supervision of the new local authority.

        He attended a very well thought of local school for children with his disabilities.

        One summer I allowed and paid for him to go on holiday with the school to a venue in the next county. There were adequate staffing levels for the children and I was confident he would be OK.

        During the holiday I received a phone call to say he had fallen but was OK. On his return home he became unwell, and there was a swelling on the back of his head. He was taken to hospital where it was discovered he had a detached skull fracture of about one inch diameter that was pushing against his brain too much time had elapsed between the accident and the diagnosis to operate as the bone was regrowing.

        Major investigation. The school where I had volunteered twice a week for years, closed ranks, and I could not discover who was responsible. What I did discover was that two members of staff were chatting at the top of some stone steps in a garden WITHOUT THE BRAKE on his wheelchair being on, and he went, chair and all, down the steps and cracked his head on a large stone. It pains me to even think about how he felt and how it hurt him.

        There was a case conference involving both authorities charged with his care - but it was in my opinion just a sham.
        End result???
        I was blamed for letting him go on holiday with school.

        Very sadly he died some years later - bizarre reasons - but the autopsy investigated once more the skull fracture - as I supposed they must.

        All many years ago now, but it has completely blighted my life and the pain is always there in my heart.

        Perhaps this is why I am so completely stroppy about the poor auld fella's situation.
        How very sad - but Mary, you gave this poor little lad a far better time, in his short life, than he probably would have had otherwise, so I hope you comfort yourself with that true thought.....

        As for 'closing ranks' - oh, everywhere! The bitter irony is that the cost and effort they put into DENYING any wrongdoing usually far outweighs what it would cost if they just accepted it, provided compensation and remedy, and everyone just moved on! SO infuriating.
        And I read somewhere on the news today of someone entering the profession of mental health social worker, with a master's degree, and the promise of a post grad degree within 2 years. Do they check for common sense, honestly and basic maths? This particular new entrant was becoming a social worker because she had had depression. At what point do you think her intelligence will be removed?

        Ps Mary, what a dreadfully upsetting story. You were in no way responsible or guilty of anything except love and care xx
        It's the same with nurses, isn't it? This obsession with making all nurses 'graduates'. That is NOT only what is needed!!!
        It's a tricky issue, in general, whether those employed to help folk with a particular 'ailment' provide better help and understanding if they themselves have suffered that same ailment!

        In a way, in principle, I think it can be - for example, an oncologist who has lost someone to cancer themselves in their family has more 'skin in the game' so to speak, etc etc.

        The problem with MH, of course, is that HAVING it may make it harder to 'help' others anyway!!! However much having it can make you empathise/sympathise with other sufferers! (Conversely of course, it could also help the social worker with MH in that it will provide them with the 'high' that comes from helping others, which in itself can help fight depression.....)

        I'm wondering whether one of the problems with the admin side of care agencies is that most of the administrators at an agency are former care-workers themselves? If that is so, then the very aptitudes that can make them good care-workers may NOT be what is required to run a tight ship from an admin point of view! ??

        (Also, of course, admin is so often seen as an 'overhead' when it comes to profit and loss, and so gets skimped on....which is a profound mistake!)
        I didnt mean thst her previous history should have prevented her, more that she should also have other key skills as well. I really struggle to equate the end results we all experience from social workers with the calibre of recruits they start with. Somewhere along the training route common sense and compassion seem to evaporate