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HELP grants and funding.

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I'm starting uni in September. I'll be studying part time to fit it round caring for my son who has ASD and attends SEN school.

Right cut a long story short, as a part time student I can not apply for any funding towards books, child care and travel cost. No matiance grant or parents learning allowance. When I start I will be paying £71 a week for travel and child care. My local carers centre wont help because my son is under 18 (locally they will only help carers who care for someone over the age of 18). O I also need to find £150 towards books. At 27 I'm to old for the prince's trust.

So does anyone know where I can get a little bit of funding?
I'm really trying to make a better future for me and my son while caring for his needs now.
to be honest Lady_c, I've absolutely no idea Image

Have you spoken to the bursars office at the university ? perhaps they might have some ideas.
Or perhaps one of the Autistic related charities might have some suggestions ?

and well done on getting a place Image

I'm not sure if its the same but I'm doing a degree via the OU (so its P/T) and get some funding for stationary etc. and I use it to pay for fares to get to tutorials.
tried open u, they don't recognise my access course so would have to start from a level 2 then do a level 3. Would take 5 years Image to do both before a degree.
I don't know if any of these links will help (my brains not very good at the moment). Because of the new funding rules it would seem that if you are continuing study you should be able to get the old course grant which was for books etc. In the new rules that seems to have disappeared. You probably know this already sorry

http://www.direct.gov.uk/prod_consum_dg ... 198632.pdf
[url]http://www.studentcashpoint.co.uk/Page.aspx?SP=5589http://www.slc.co.uk/media/313501/pt_fa ... ly_v12.pdf[/url]
Good Luck,

If all else fails, don't forget Open University would give you a full grant & probably a lot more too - you also can meet up with other students on study days be it at a college or place of higher education some miles away - but you do get a tutor a phone call away & assuming you choose the course & start from a sensible part of the course i.e the beginning you should do well. Give it some thought, or better still phone o.u & find out more, good luck education is everything!!! And above all enjoy it!!!