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Share information, support and advice on all aspects of caring.
The opportunity to say thank you for the love and care given to us and express the love we feel for the person we care for in a way in which is not normally demanded of us. I think that we need not only to discuss the negatives of caring but also the positives because there are many. Next...
Seeing the smile on the face of your caree when you do something right for them Image
Seeing the smile on the face of your caree when you do something right for them Image
I second that Alex Image

Plus being able to laugh together at the nonsensical notions my caree gets Image
Close bond that me and Sarah have developed
Oh yes the laughs, my daughter will say what shes thinking Image Image Image, somedays im howling with laughter Image Image Image , and also yep i have done a good job bringing her up and she has the love and security of her family, we can all safely agree on that Image. and also the extra special bond that you have said were like lionesses fighting for our cubs. OOhhhh you've made me all mushy Image. think this could be a long thread Image
For me personally, it makes me thankful and grateful for the things I can do, I don't take things for granted anymore,.

Having a close and special relationship, with the one I care for

Marvelling at my cared for's lack of complaint, and even thanking me for my help

Seeing that caring is a two-way thing, there are moments where our cared ones care for us! albeit briefly

Being more compassionate and patient towards everyone

Being more aware of people with special requirements

Having the strength to cope, as well as persistence and perseverance

Learning new things all the time about Caring

Becoming more like my Caree, especially the fact that she speaks her mind, and that makes me laugh - and her strength of character.

Finding the work you do rewarding on so many levels, I'm never bored, and I'm constantly learning all the time

Coming across the inspirational, compassionate, caring, devoted and loving Carers as a result of being a Carer
Knowing that my Mum is pleased I am around even though she can't show it in words or by smiling anymore, I just know she is happier with me caring for her.

Being more understanding to other people's needs.
Having a son with Downs Syndrome means that I get to see the good in everything. When he became Diabetic, I thought it was the end of the world, but he was so thrilled to have his own insulin and blood testing stuff the same as his dad and brother,that my husband and I didn't even get to cry. We didn't want him to think there was anything to get upset about.

He looks up at the stars and talks to his nan in Heaven. A really bright star shines directly into his room, and he is sure that it is where his Nan lives now.How can I not be grateful for the love in my life? Image
seeing the determination in amys face that she will do wot every other child does, and then she just does it

The hugs and the laughs, we find very silly things funny and the special times we have in hospital when its just me and her and we lay across the bed watching videos and having a laugh,,,,,, the lil thank u mummy for a nice day when we have spent a day in hospital of x-rays and being pulled about, and watching her sleep,,

the fact that she is greatful for the silly things, like playing in the garden and is full of woner at butterflies and flowers and loves helping me in the garden

we r close and i think its because of all the hands on physio i do, we have a good trust between us
Amy is obviously a rare gem - and takes after her mum.

For me, the good things are the ones we can often take for granted. I remember 14th October 1991. Mike was 6 1/2, and being autistic not particularly good at communicating, speaking or showing affection.

He threw his arms around me and said "I love you Dad"

I still well up when I think about that day.