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Hi there

Well the move is on. We are moving to Epsom in Surrey all being well on the 29th July. People say that it is a long time yet, but it is amazing how quick the time creeps up on you. Have been busy packing and clearing out all of the rubbish accumulated in just 18 months. I wrap and pack because if my OH does it he doesn't do it right and I have to do it again. This move is hopefully the last one as I am getting too old for this lark. We will be closer to my Dad who doesn't keep very well and also only 35 mins from London. Also transport links are better into Epsom and Kingston upon Thames by bus as neither of us drive. Will keep you posted in case of any mishaps Take Care Alison Image
That's great news Alison. As you say, moving day will come around very quickly and there are always last minute things to do, so you are better off being as prepared as you can be. Pack the kettle last though Image Image

Good luck and keep us posted
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Good Luck with the move Alison and welcome to Surrey !!

Lots to do and see - Epsom, Kingston, Sutton all good shopping centres - plus lots of nice green areas to explore as well !!

And PixieNubbins and me are just on your doorstep !!
good luck, hope everything goes like work for you Image Image
oooo i spend lots of time in epsom (wilkinsons and hospital!)

YIPPPPEEEEEE im not the only one thats moved from medway to surrey now!!!

blimey all we need is one in leatherhead and thats the main train stops on the way to u sus lol