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HELP! Carer assessment

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thats terrible. i think you need to get very cross with your ss. to treat a carer of 2 people in this way is unacceptable. (in my opinion)
Seriously, try to forget for a moment that you're a good person, stop being patient, and tell them that unless you get an urgent emergency carer's assessment, you will not be answerable for the consequences.

If still no joy, contact your MP, and the local paper. If SS are stringing you along, you're unlikely to be the only one. I don't care how demoralised & underfunded & overworked SS staff are, keeping you waiting without good reason (in the hope that you'll shut up and go away?) is iniquitous!
12 weeks is too long, never mind 12 months!
I waited about six months, and was only seen then because I made a fuss and contacted my MP .It was worth keeping on.
I only waited about 4 weeks for my carers assessment - it hasn't changed anything for me, but at least I didn't have to wait Image Image

Smaritan, I agree with the others, you really need to chase this up.
I waited 6 weeks for my assessment and had it on January 21st I asked for a sitting service and for OH to to go to a day centre for one day a week, nothing happened so I spoke to my GP on March 12th and things stated to move, OH started at the day centre last week for one full day and three hours on another day and I can have a sitter for five hours a week as well, I strongly advise that you speak to your GP and make it clear that your health is suffering. do not wait for SS to come back to you they never will.
I have asked our social services 6 times for a carers assessment in the last year I know I will never get one because there answer to me is sorry we cant help you we like to pick and choose who gets help we arent intrested in the 1986 carers act now if I was caring for someone who was disabled through drug and alcohol abuse they would be knocking my door down to help (im not say these carers dont deserve help ) but so does eveyother carer deserve the same
I am not sure if it is different in Scotland but in England I think I am right in saying that SS are legally obliged to do a carers assessment when requested but are not obliged to actually do anything for you,another of SS crazy rules,get on to your GP like I did if you do not get a result contact your MP.
If you are covered by the 2000 Act, and I am not sure if it applies in Scotland, they cannot legally refuse you a carers assessment, they have a statutory duty to carry one out. How can they possibly know that you are not eligible for help if they do not assess your needs. My LA in 2002 refused me a carers assessment, I was told that I was not entitled to one, I was and I insisted, I did get an assessment but I got no help, there is no statutory duty to provide help unfortunately and the assessment was a farce and did not follow guidance but I am still glad that I made them fulfill their statutory duty, hopefully it made them think twice before refusing someone else.
Can I just add that I had a carers assessment 4 years ago and despite promises of of help no one came back to me and it was the last I heard from SS.
On Tuesday of this week my OHs social worker had made an appointment to come and see us,she did not turn up or ring to cancel the appointment.this really does annoy me.