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Hello to everyone - Carers UK Forum

Hello to everyone

Share information, support and advice on all aspects of caring.
A quick hello to you all, I am John and My fiancee is Ange.
We live in York, I have just left work after 23 years to look after Ange has her mobilty has worsened. Ange has Cerebral palsy, at 16 she suffered a severe spasm that left her unable to walk very far, she was getting about with a trolley until recently, but after a recent few falls, culminating in one about a month ago, I deceided to leave work.

I have known Ange for 4 years, and she is my inspiration. We have had trying times as when I met Ange I was recenly Divorced with 3 children, My Ex wife (A Home carer) thinks I made a wrong judgement leaving work and that I am prioritising mhy partner over my children, she is making it clear to my kids that I am, you would have thought a carer would understand but apparently not.

Well I am sure I will be watching this forum, for advice and for friendly support, after reading the posts I decided that this forum seemed a likely place to be able to get both.

Look forward to reading more of your posts. Please feel free to PM us at any time.

Ange and John.
Hi Ange and John nice to meet you Image I care for my son whos handicapped and has autism.

Thats a nice photo.
Hi Ange and John,

Welcome to forum where you will meet others who will understand what you are going through.

As much as you have joined looking for advice and support,I am sure others will also benefit from your own experiences.Look forward to reading more from you both.

Welcome to the forum Ange & John, what a beautiful photograph.

Take care

Paula xx
Welcome to you both, Ange and John.

Lovely picture of you both Image

Lynne x
Hi Ange and John

Just a quick note to welcome you both to the forum.

Sorry to have to bring up the rules straight away but thought I should let you know that we don't allow the posting of images directly into posts. I know your picture is fine but sometimes they can be distracting from what people have written and make pages look untidy.

If you do have a picture you want to share you should host it elsewhere and just write the link to it (for example - www.flickr.com).

Right, I'll leave you to it now!

Hello Ange & John

Welcome to the forum!

Sorry I never got to see your picture, but if you want to display it with your posts you could download as you avatar in your profile - I think this is allowed!

Hope that you find the forum and site helpful and supportive

Take care
Maryann x
Put my picture in the Avatar bit now, different to yesterday took it today specially..