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HELLO! is there anyone out there? - Carers UK Forum

HELLO! is there anyone out there?

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How many people have you spoken to today?

If you are caring for someone with dementia - it might not be that many.

I can have a reasonable dialogue with myself, I suppose, but I am sick of not having any conversations. Outdoors he still acts reasonably most of the time, but I am sure people think we have fallen out as he never speaks to me.

I feel uncomfortable in the same room as him. He can ignore me as much as he wants when I am trying to work, but sat watching TV ( on loud, rubbish shows) or in a cafe he just sits and sits - I KNOW IT'S THE DEMENTIA - really, I do, but how fed up am I. My son phoned last night ( poor ould fella is not the father of my children - he has his own) and my son and I chatted for 40 mins - I just wanted some normal human interaction.

The poor ould fella doesn't want to go anywhere or do anything - physically he is quite frail after all his illnesses - I am quietly going 'stir crazy' - I wish I had a dog, it would be good company, but we are not allowed any pets in our rented house.

Rant over, I shall go and inspect my garden and do some more work...... :S :S
Hi Mary
Sad to read you are feeling like this today. (((( HUGS)))
It is a lonely situation, a loved one with dementia. A long goodbye xx
Hi Mary
Although I don't live with someone with dementia, I do have days where I don't speak to anyone else, and it is hard. I do find the forum goes a long way to reminding myself there are people out there.
Do you have anytime to yourself at all where you can get out, perhaps to a careers group, or a class, the library?

Btw, I stopped at motorway services the other day and the ordering was on a screen and the delivery down a chute. Then at Argos, the same. Life in general is becoming too limited in real human contact
I have thought this many times, I refuse to use the computerised tills in the supermarkets, post office, WH Smith and all similar places -( not that I get to them any more) because of the lack of human interaction and the fact these computers are doing real people out of jobs.

The post person is lovely, as are the Tesco delivery people - they will chat, The carers chat for a moment or two - but where did the realness of life go? it is the long goodbye.
I have found my Scottish castle for when all this is over - well, it's a lovely lovely flat in a real Scottish Castle, and it is to rent ( as I have to do) but it is beautiful and that sort of remote I can deal with. I just think it is when you live with someone that is not really 'there' it is far worse than being on your own. Being on my own I could cope with, but having to 'baby sit' this person who I don't really know any more is far worse than being alone......

Hey ho! I will keep my Scottish Castle dream alive. :blink: :blink: :blink:
Testing testing!
Hi :-??? pet.im abit lost here now lol.i think alot others might be too
Oh I think most are lost to be honest!! Never mind. I'm sure we will get there : :-??? : Nice to receive a reply.
Hi Mary
I thought I replied to this yesterday but I can't see my reply- maybe it is here somewhere and I just haven't got there today with this new forum. If not , I will suggest again the "Borrow my doggy" website. I haven't used it myself as I could never lend my baby to anyone! but from the other angle it may be useful.
Are you having a regular sittter to give you a couple of hours away on your own somewhere of your choosing?
Mine is due later today and I have left her a list of jobs to get on with while I go out with my hound.
My beach , beach roads and parking permit came today so the world is my Oyster :lol: