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Better off with care allowance? - Carers UK Forum

Better off with care allowance?

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There's probably been a dozen threads started about this subject already so forgive me if i've missed them(or been too lazy to search).I was wondering if anyone could give me some advice concerning carers allowance as im thinking about applying for it.My mother is terminally ill and needs round the clock care and i'm caring for her.She recieves attendance allowance. At the moment I'm claiming jobseekers allowance,housing benefit and council tax.I get the standard 60 odd pounds a week,and full rent paid.Up until a month or so ago i only had to do shopping,general errands and just generally keep an eye on her as she was mobile(around the house anyway).I was able to actively seek work and also look after her.Luckily i didn't start work though because her health has deteriorated and she is now bed-ridden.Obviously seeking work is now not an option.
The weekly rate i've seen for carer's allowance is 50 pounds,so in that respect i guess i'd be worse off.I've also noticed the carer's premium but have no idea about that either.As i mentioned above my rent is paid fully and wouldn't want it to be deducted in any way.I dont have a clue how the housing benefit side of it works.I'm just thinking that i wouldn't want to do all that pen-pushing,waiting for decisions malarky if i'm going to be worse off or break even.I might as well stay on JSA.It would be a great help if i could get some extra help though.Can someone please shed some light please?I'm confused... Image
You need to speak to an adviser who can look at your whole situation with you, but it is possible that with Carers Allowance and Income Support you MAY be better off. A lot depends on your individual circumstances. Carers Allowance can trigger entitlement to the Carers Premium and this may bring you into Income Support at a higher rate - but a lot depends on your situation.

In your area there may be an Age Concern project, or a Carers Centre, Citizens Advice or Welfare Rights office you can contact who can help you to make this decision.

In any case - welcome to the forum!
If you are claiming job seekers allowance at the moment as you indicate they can ask you to take up full time employment and if you refuse ccould have j.s.a. stopped , iam no expert but if your rent is paid because of low income that will be housing benefit and if you are on housing benefit you must surely get council tax relief dont forget to get carers allowance your mother must be in receipt of certain benefits i doubt if you will be any worse off but as CHARLES has said get advice .
Hi Rocky

Our CarersLine can do a full benefits check for you and work out what will be best for you based on your circumstances. Unfortunately they're not open today, only Weds and Thurs 10-12noon and 2-4pm but you can try them next week if you don't manage to speak to anyone else before then. Its a freephone number 0808 808 7777.

Best wishes

Hiya Rocky... good tag. Welcome...
I have always opted for carers Allowance because a) they don't pester you b) they pay your stamp, and c) you can earn up to £90 on the side, which is handy. But its very complicated and good advice is vital.