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Haven't posted in a while..... - Carers UK Forum

Haven't posted in a while.....

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Things are still pretty busy in my life, my mother keeping me quite busy also. One good thing is, my mother hasn't been into hospital in a few months Image although she still has many dr's appointments etc.

I have finally made a claim for CA at long last! I believe it should be ok given my earnings are below £400 pm.
I do have a question and that is, if I am granted CA, will this reflect on what my mother receives?
At the moment she receives:
State pension
Guaranteed Pension credit.
Also, when I claimed CA, I sent in 3 payslips, Oct/Nov/Dec, if I am granted CA, will it be backdated to when I stated I began caring for my mother (1st Oct)
I have been caring for her for quite a long time, well over 18 months but realise I can't claim from then.

Many thanks, Tricia
Nice to see you back posting again Tricia.

You are a busy girlie.

Not sure how CA works in your circumstances.

When OH had his accident he was awarded middle rate DLA, forced to finish work we had income support then that changed to pension credit guarantee. His DLA went up to high rate care because of a cancer diagnosis and my CA was paid backdated to his date of change, but his award was sorted out within ten days.

As a couple we were no better off financially but my CA gave me a NI credit to allow me a pension in my own right. As there is a fifteen year age gap that was important to me as I couldn`t afford to lose all my caring years towards my pension.

Someone else will know more than me though.

TAke care
Hi TrishaA - long time no see!

A claim for CA can be backdated up to three months, so if your claim goes in on, say, the first of February, it can be backdated to the first of November. Not sure about the conditions behind this though as I don't have access here to the info.
Thank you both for your replies Image Well, given I only sent in my application about a few days ago, I received a letter this morning from the DWP stateing that my application was successful and that CA will be back dated til Oct 16th and I should have a payment withing 4-5 days Image
That was a pretty quick reply wasn't it? Image
P.S. Oh and many thanks for the 'Welcome Back'
Hello again Tricia,

That is brilliant news.

Why can`t they work at that speed for everyone? Especially folk claiming pension credit or income support for the first time. That seems to take ages.

I had a worrying letter this morning from CA dept saying they were going to be paying my CA into a different bank account from Monday...........of course can`t do anything about it until Monday by which time who knows where my dosh will be.

TAke care

I had a letter like that about 2 months ago. I phoned them and they said it was a computer glich!! Nothing happened, it was paid into the correct account.
Tricia good news about your Carers and that was quick work, my hubby put a claim in for pension credit on Jan 3rd and we recived a compliment slip with his birth cert the other day aying if they hadnt been in touch in 6 weeks t be patient!!! How patient can we be living on fresh air when everythings paid, wish they were as quick as Carers all are