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Has caring affected your diet? - Page 2 - Carers UK Forum

Has caring affected your diet?

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Another WW gold card holder who has put on weight since being a carer.

Being called out at silly hours means I go for the only 'food' available in the hospital that will keep me going...chocolate! I've also been taking Dad out for meals to keep his spirits up...far more calories than I'd eat given my own choice of food. I've also spent 5/6 years with 'grab and go' food from supermarkets as my routine has been pulled apart.

It hasn't helped that I'm also of an age where women are known to put on weight (!) and I've been unable to get into any kind of exercise regime with trips back and forth to Dad who's 30 miles away.
I've never worked out how to do cut and paste on here, but the words "Food is the drug of choice" certainly seemed appropriate. Some days I'm so busy doing things for everyone else that the only thing I truly do for myself is "award" myself a special treat for keeping going, and it's invariably some food - but when I was growing up mum and dad could only give us very basic stuff, so special treats were invariably food related. I actually love going for walks, used to lead mountain walks in Switzerland, swim 20 lengths of the local pool every lunch time. Whilst recovering from my last knee replacement I went back to the pool, 15 lengths no problem.....but I was so tired afterwards I couldn't do everything I needed to AND go swimming too. Today is typical, in theory a caree free day, but another heap of problems relating to M. have left me writing a series of emails having done some research on the internet about Department of Health Domiciliary Care Regulations, looking at who is supposed to write a care plan and how M. money should be managed. All for people who should already know this stuff! I then have to attend ANOTHER meeting, probably next week. There's a nonsensical situation regarding SSD meetings. Less than two miles away there's an area office, but the LD team are based 15 miles away at another area office. In theory they can book a room locally, but theory and practice are so different. The room is never booked for long enough, the meetings overrun, we are kicked out of the main room and end up in an interview room smaller than my bathroom! So now I have to drive the round trip of 30 miles and I have to pay for the fuel. In effect, the current set of problems have robbed me of a whole day in total. Little wonder I feel so frustrated I reach for the biscuit tin!!! I know I'm frustrated, there's a big wide world out there, I want to be out in the swim of things, travelling, really LIVING, not just surviving.
Another one here admitting to overeating Image Image
I discovered long ago that when you are tired, eating something gives you an energy boost, so Im constantly snacking to get me through the day.
And me , pressure, worry,the list goes on & I hit the cupboard , I have to admit im really overweight too Image
I've gone the opposite (trust me to be different) Image I've lost weight. Noticed clothes were getting loose, then other people started to comment so I jumped on the scales and got quite a shock.
I am losing weight and we eat healthily despite my issues with food hubby cholesterol has been up so he on a low fat diet I do slimming world and the meals he can eat as well
Hi Matt

New welfare reforms have certainly affected my diet due to now being liable for bedroom tax, problems caused by contribution based ESA (local authority didn't adjust our housing benefit/council tax benefit last year when I was put on ESA & only made the adjustment in February this year so we have been overpaid £250 in HB & £70 in CTB which they are reclaiming at £10.80 -HB & £3.00 CTB per week. This has also caused rent arrears of £180 to accrue which I am repaying at £4.50 per week). We have been given discretionary housing payment of £14.00 per week for 12 weeks but are still approx £17.50 per week worse off.

We do not go on holiday, do not socialise, do not have Sky/cable tv. We live on a very tight budget.

My husband has to have 7,500 calories per day to maintain & sustain his weight (he has Huntington's Disease). I have M.E., have had 2 strokes, high cholesterol & severe depression.

The only way I can further budget for the above payments is to cut down on the amount of food I eat. Obviously I have to have a different diet to my husbands because his diet is high on calories, protein, carbohydrates, etc & mine is completely the other way.

I can't reduce his diet. he has tried the fortified drinks but they make him physically ill & when that happens he loses all of the calories that he has ingested. So I reduce my diet.

I am not overweight but have noticed that my energy levels are reducing very fast. I drink lots of tea (with 1 sugar), orange & mago squash & limit myself to 2 shortbread biscuits, 1 fairy cake & 1 meal a day. It keeps me going.

I know there are many people out there who are in a worse situation than us but it does get me down a lot of the time - struggling to look after my husband & myself.
Thanks again for all these comments. Really helpful. The financial aspect that Titch and others mention, is one that is coming up at our Family and Finances Inquiry sessions - where we've been out meeting carers.

Seems to be a common thread here my Daughter is, as I type this, going through some old photies to put on a memory board for her Granddad who passed away on Saturday and the weight that I have put on since becoming his carer is so blatantly obvious to all who is looking at them. xxx
I've been going through some of my late brother's family photos. There's a picture of Ian and I stood together. Eldest son asked who that SLIM woman was? I used to love dressmaking, I could make a blouse on Saturday, dress on Sunday, before kids came along. Now I've realised that I've given up dressmaking altogether, although I still love sewing, because everything looked nice on me when I was a size 14 (at 5ft 10in). Nothing looks good on a size 20.