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Has caring affected your diet? - Page 5 -Carers UK Forum

Has caring affected your diet?

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Probably a minority experience but none the less an experience.

Whilst caring 24/7 I needed to provide a varied "healthy" specific diet for my caree and therefore I ate reasonably well as I ate the same diet.
Now I am not preparing food for him I have lapsed and am aware of certain defects in my diet.

Many of my friends who now live alone have also slipped into similar patterns, I think its common in MANY situations to ignore sound advice.

Plenty of excuses abound including lack of time, lack of interest, eating alone etc.etc.etc.

So I feel caring full time was better for me.

What I think overall is that most of find excuses to either too much of the wrong stuff or not enough of the good stuff, or even simply not enough of anything.
I see it as a case of either accepting it For the time being (and the possible ill health consequences) or get up off our backsides and do something constructive.
And the latter takes strength of character ... And total rethink of our attitude to food.
I must say this is so important. I realised a while ago how important it is for me to eat healthily, otherwise as a carer, I would not last long! So I take great care to prepare good fresh meals on time for myself. I regard it as a priority daily. I also make sure my husband eats really well, as far as his appetite allows. We cannot, as carers afford to neglect our own health otherwise it could be disastrous.
No, it hasn't affected my diet much if at all: but I probably do drink more alcohol than I would if I weren't a carer. I used to be very active socially in the evenings, doing a lot of amdram and music, so I couldn't drink much as I had to drive home late from gigs and plays: but caring means you get stuck at home and I tend to like a glug or two to make up for the lack of social life. I
Too bloody right it has. I've put on a stone since June (when I became a f/t carer.)
Too much sitting around. Sounds easy. Try it for a few days and it'll drive you mad.
Too many cheese toasties/whatever I didn't want to eat in the first place, but the only way to encourage mum was to eat them too.
I could go on and on... but I won't.
I now have a jelly belly I never had before, but I'll get rid of it. Oddly enough, I haven't put on any weight anywhere else, just my stomach. Weird.
I had no idea how much 'real' work was easy compared to caring, until I became a carer.
With 'real' work, you just do your hours, and that's it; the rest of your time is your own.
Not so with caring. 90% of the time nothing happens, but your always on the lookout for 'it'. Yet when 'it' does happen, you're a headless chicken. I am anyway.
Does this 'headless chicken' stuff get better with time, or worse?
I now fantizise about working for a supermarket!!!!!