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Hardest hit rally - Page 3 - Carers UK Forum

Hardest hit rally

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it was very interesting to note that no news programme mention any of this in there late news programes
There was some great coverage around the 6-7pm news
BBC - http://www.bbc.co.uk/news/uk-13364443
ITV - http://www.itv.com/news/disabled-cuts-protest59069/
CH4 - http://www.channel4.com/news/disabled-p ... ainst-cuts
i am aware of these but none after these not a mention in the 10pm news and no papers today.
Front page of the guardian today and a double page spread inside - excellent coverage Image
Was also on P2 of free Metro newspaper which has huge circulation. All told I think coverage was good and recognised just how significant it is for 8,000 people to march on this issue given the difficulties most disabled people and carers face getting to central London.
yes it was and it was good to see. lets hope it helps
Thanks to everyone who went.I watched the coverage, there was a very good turnout. I still think that there could have been more in the news. I was NOT impressed with Maria Miller.
I did my bit, wrote to my MP, but have not heard back. Paul,have you had a reply from Simon Hart,my MP?
no not had a reply from him yet.. i know i was not impressed with her either, have asked cuk if there are going to say anything about it but so far no reply. there is going to be a petition on facebook to get her replaced..
I done my bit- i emailed our Mp and lots of other people as i have moved i have a new ip address andnew email!!! IM NOT BLOCKED for my "spamming" the houses of parmliment menbers MWHAHAHAHAHHAHAHAHA had not one reply though out of 20 sent

excellent pictures
very moving! and love the dont box me in one!
Well done to everyone who went on the March Image

My Daughter is refusing to go to school so it's impossible for me to commit to anything. However, I'm thinking of joining Facebook so I can do something.

Government ignores strength of Westminster protest and votes against protecting DLA mobility
The night before the Hardest Hit march, a committee of MPs had the chance to amend the Welfare Reform Bill to make sure disabled people in residential care continue to get support for extra mobility costs.

It was a close vote, but alarmingly the proposal remains in the Bill. This happened despite a number of coalition Government MPs leaving the room and failing to cast their vote.
see in full here