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Positivity and Care Homes

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My folks were in a care home for about six weeks after dad broke his collarbone. He was in to recuperate, mum for respite as she was unable to look after herself. My mum was in her element, with other folks to chat with at mealtimes, afternoon tea was an everyday occurrance, same stories told by the same ladies round the same table. She even got up on an entertainment night and did a Highland fling. Not bad for being 80 at the time. Dad hated it and was a rebel, so think they were glad when they were able to return home.

I have worked in residential care and wouldn`t have done so if they weren`t run "nicely".

Take care
My sister's MIL was in a care home and she loved it there, people all around to talk to, something always going on and family who came to see her, not just to do things for her.
These days when I visit Mum in the care home she recognises me and knows who I am - even introduces me to her 'friends' as "This is my eldest daughter, she's very good to me" Image Such a difference to when she was trying to throw me out when I lived with her because she didn't know who I was !

I think the change is due to the fact that I hadn't lived at 'home' for 30 odd years, so when I was living with her to care 24/7 it only increased her confusion, now that I only 'visit' (albeit most days) it's more like it used to be in years past.

The home she is in is relaxed, but well run; a bit 'down-at heel', but clean, warm, homely and comfy so suits Mum's personality - she wouldn't have settled in one of these 5 star, hotel like establishments at all !
The Home that my Dad was in, was purpose built, on one level.
Homecooked food, (the cook goes out and picks blackberries in the late summer to make blackberry pies,)when a birthday comes around the "birthday boy/girl" chooses the menu for the day,there are plenty of outings on the mini-bus, local entertainers go in for concerts,more like a large family than strangers together.
Dad moved there ten years after my Mum died,and he lived for five and a half years afterwards. He became more outgoing than he had since Mum died, there were plenty of staff members from abroad and Dad loved hearing about the countries they came from(he used to be in the Merchant Navy so had been all over the world).
It was all positives. One of my aunts who has an artificial leg, visited Dad one day and then went to the phone to get a taxi to her bus stop. A staff member offered top drop her off and save the cost of the taxi.
When Dad had his last stay in hospital, several of the staff went in to visit him on their time off.(hospital is 10 miles away from Care Home, so not as though they just had to go next door).
Dad could get up at 4am(as he had done ever since Mum died),and didn't have to phone and talk to me for a bit of company as the staff would make him tea and toast and havae a chat with him.(That must be the BIGGEST plus for me!!!!No more early morning phone calls).
When my son died, the matron of the Home came in on her evening off to sit with Dad for as long as he needed someone there.
I really cannot think of a negative.
When my Auntie was visiting my Granny several times a day to care for her; she used to go to a care home for a "holiday," so that my Auntie could go and visit her children and grandchildren. After one too many falls at home, she announced she was going to go and live at the care home. She was very happy there and well cared for. She was a religious person and the home was run by nuns.

It was the first place I drove a distance to after passing my driving test, I left my lights on and the car wouldn't start and one of the nuns talked me through a jump start, hitched up her habit and pushed my car to get it going...

I have happy memories of visiting my Granny both when she lived in her own home and when she lived at the home.