Hi, All,
My 81 year old father suffered a massive stroke 4 weeks ago. It affected the right side of his body and he has aphasia and difficulty swallowing, although he is now on a puree diet so an improvement there after a nasogastric tube. He is also profoundly deaf but not from his stroke. I have said I will take care of him at home when he leaves hospital and he has expressed likewise. However, yesterday, the social worker and another therapist came to my house to discuss what will happen when he leaves hospital. According to them, he will need constant care including lifting him in and out of bed on a hoist. They say the carers responsible will come from an agency and that the cost will have to be covered by any savings he has. I didn't think that care in one's own home will have to be paid for like this and if I could communicate this to my father, he would be very upset about this. When I offered to help with the hoist they said I would not be allowed to as it would take 2 professionals.
This afternoon, a man from the carer’s agency rang me at the hospital whilst I was visiting to say he wants to arrange to meet me next Monday ( couldn’t even wait till the New Year !!! )
My father lives with me and I am already his carer for his profound deafness. I even feel they are making out the situation worse than it is in a worse case scenario where my father will be permanently confined to a wheelchair and never be able to go out.
And I thought nobody could predict the outlook for strokes.
I just wanted to nurse my father myself and I feel I have been pressured into accepting a situation I do not want. Even though this carer’s agency is sub-contracted by the hospital, I am not at all happy with this. Have I the right to refuse ?
I will appreciate your feedback. Many thanks Image