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"happy Feet"

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i hope i am in the right section for this? Recently my mum saw an advert for this gadget called Happy feet, it is supposed to increase blood flow and muscle tone but without pain, Sounds ideal for some one who is sitting for long periods, i could not find out much about it or clinical trials, after enquiring and finding out it was £200+ i wondered if any one actually owns one so i can get reviews i know are not biased. Image
Hi Cinders - I seem to remember that a few members were discussing this a little while ago, I'll have a bit of a search and see if I can find the thread. I do remember that most said it had proved useful and worth the cost; however I also seem to remember that someone said they had got theirs from their local Occupational Therapy unit so perhaps it might be worthwhile asking Mum's GP for a referral to your local OT's ? At the very least you might be able to "borrow" one to give it a trial before spending out lots of money.
thank you for your help
I used a "Circulation Booster" after major knee surgery. The swelling went down amazingly well. When I had my first knee replacement it took six months for my feet to be comfortable in my shoes again, the second time, it was two weeks!
I don't know about this 'happy feet' stuff, but we spent nearly £200 on a Revitve 1X; best 200 squid we ever spent.
Mum's awful purple black bruising is now a pale pink, and my dad swears by it. He can now bend down to pick up things instead of kicking them to the side, or asking me to pick it up.
Not scientific proof, but I'm glad we got it.
You can't use these things if you have a pacemaker.

Nor if you have deep vein thrombosis or if you're diabetic. Most other makes are basically foot massagers and not circulation boosters. The one I mentioned is the only one used in hospitals (they used one on me mum when she was in hospital after her mini-stroke.) If you do buy one you can reclaim the VAT. You can only re-claim VAT on medical devices, not foot massages. We got £40 back from the VAT man.
It still cost twice what my father paid for a so-called circulation booster he'd ordered from a newspaper catalog. I made him send it back and then buy the real McCoy.
However, the difference being we now have an effective device used daily that actually works. Whereas that flimsy foot massager (advertised as a circulation booster) would be gathering dust in a cupboard, and he'd have thrown £70 away.
Go on to their website and check out it's suitable for you. These are powerful machines and can be dangerous for some. Also if you do decide to buy one, there's a section you can fill out so's your not billed for the VAT.
Otherwise you have to re-claim it after you've bought it via post, and that took about 6 weeks to turn up in my dad's account.