As you know the old doll works for the ex prisoner of war association ( i do the work she signs the letters ) i was very lucky to get from headquaters £600 for a day trip for the P.O.W`S + WAR WIDOWS & A.T.S. (womans army 1940ish) to visit the national memorial arboretum however today the old dolls birthday got e-mail from H.Q. its sad realy one of our members down south passed away some months ago from what i know he had not been in touch for about a year ? any way his family have been in touch he has left most of his estate to the ASOCIATION we will be able to take 30 members from NEWCASTLE to the annual reunion at Hayling Island its a 4 day visit + coach travel we went on our reunion trip about 3 years ago it cost then £5-500 for 30 members .

will have to get the thank you cards for members at next meeting i cant believe how generous someone can be STAN had nowt when went off to the big P.O.W. camp in the sky but he did leave enough cash for every one to get free drinks at our monthly meeting and its still ongoing 2 years on, the steward in the club says to me every time i get the drinks in for the members STAN must have left a pile of cash £500 ive just realised its about gone now.