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There seems to be a lot of people donating now, and I hope the money
reaches these poor people, I feel so sorry for them all, and I will be
making a donation.
I thought we were all human being's.

It's nice to see that most of the world can unite when a disaster like this happens.

And as for people that should be shot because who they vote for well that said it all.

After 24 aftershocks I'd struggle to find my way home aswell. Im getting a bit bored of it to be honest Image .
All the money in the world cannot stop this happening again and again. This is a natural disaster. The entire island could be rebuilt one week and the next week there could be another earthquake. Of course help should be given to get their lives back to some kind of organised state, but as we all live on this planet, where is the money and aid from say, Iran or Iraq or China, or Korea, or Uruguay to help? Financial aid, help and assistance is always one-sided and the inhabitants of such places are promised too much, too soon, resulting in disappointment, anger and trouble when help doesn't arrive when promised. Give financial aid by all means, but I feel it should be evened out somehow, not just left to the usual countries to help.
where is the money and aid from say, Iran or Iraq or China, or Korea, or Uruguay to help?
Iran had a huge earthquake themselves recently, Iraq has huge problems of reconstruction, China is a law unto themselves and despite recent improvements still has massive economic and social problems, Korea is a divided state; but anyway I don't pass a starving family in the street and covertly glance at my neighbour to see how much he is giving.

Haiti really is in the USA's back yard, and despite their dreadful economic position they have responded, as they so often do, very generously both at a government and personal level. I'm not a big fan of the USA's policies but you have to hand it to them, they know what leadership means at a time of crisis.

Fact is though, that most of this poverty isnt the fault of the Haitian people, it is about the ruthless cost cutting policies of supermarkets and the global marketplace generally. From which, in an odd way, we all benefit financially by buying cheap bananas and coffee. Time to dig deep.
I think we should be dontaing to Haiti it is a disaster such as we never have to deal with here, BUT i do not think we should have been giving something in the region of a billion £'s to India who have their fair share of millionaires a growing economy enough for them to have a space programme, what's that all about?
We can't be playing master bountiful to the entire world willy nilly, disasters such as Haiti could then have that money diverted to them, bit like assylum and immigration, it doesn't have to be all or nothing argument.
What really infuriates me is the DELAY in actually distributing the food and water to them!
IT'S BEEN OVER TWO WEEKS NOW... that's atrocious and unforgivable. Apparently American officials are concerned that the people will bombard them when they give out food .... DER... the longer they leave it the MORE desperate they'll become. We're talking survival.

I even saw troops practicing marching....what the hell is going on? All around people are dying, starving, dehydrating, in pain. I can't believe the colossal mismanagement of this operation. Barack Obama is certainly going to be remembered for this unforgiveable, fatal delay. I know there have been air drops (packages) but only the fit can scramble to get these. I really feel their pain and think of them daily. Unbearable and puts everthing into perspective.
The logistics are horrendous, the infrastructure and port facilities either inadequate or badly damaged. You cant feed a population that size by air, and the initial assessment of the disaster of that magnitude takes time. No point air-dropping beans if what they need is anti-biotics. I know a bit about remote area logistics on expeditions to tropical islands supplying just a few dozen people: that is complex enough, but frankly this is a massive challenge and almost without precedent.

As for Obama, he cant actually walk on water, last I heard, anyway!
ok so its all well and good that we help another country out, but wouldn it not be a bit of a good idea to sort this one out a bit?
Yes donate IF ITS GOING TO GET THERE! but surely this is an awful lot-
its terrible that these people have lost so much, i feel awful for those who have lost loved ones,
I would be nice though to have the folks in this country helped out, shame the government cant putthis effort in to help here - as it appears they obviously have the resourses to do so
Excalibur - wise words. You have a good, comprehensive grasp of the situation and have filled in some of the gaps in my ignorance. I realise I was premature in judging Obama. Have you noticed this issue has gone out of the news headlines? Wonder why.....