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Guess what an update on DP... - Page 2 - Carers UK Forum

Guess what an update on DP...

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Hi Cat,
Our Local council want you to use the agency it's part of the deal!
I think it's around 3.50 per week and it's build into the social services budget for the DP.

It's great, because we have a straight amount of hours every week, we don't even need to mess about with timesheets, the company just pay the same amount in each week.
We only phone them and let them know if the hours change in any week - like for illness etc.

We don't do cheques either, they BACS the wages straight into our PA's bank account, much easier for us! Image

What system are you using Cat? and how much is it costing you for the payroll services?

Oh yes...Sleep! - I'm just starting to remember what it feels like! Image Image
marie x
Hi Marie

I'm glad your getting some long overdue sleep!

Thats great that you don't need to worry about the running of the DP scheme, I don't think we have that option here yet. So its still writing cheques, doing tax & NI for me... Image Though I do remember that I could of opted to have someone do the payroll for £25 per month. Maybe they have come down from when I started the scheme!

We are having a lovely sunny day here, hope the sun is shining where you are.

Take care
M x
Hi Maryann, thanks for the good wishes, I hope things are ok with you and your mam too!

I'm glad we don't need to do the DP tax stuff as figures aren't really my strong point especially if I'm a bit frazzled and needing some sleep! Image
Talking of which, it's good to eventually get some sleep now, I think things are going to work out well with the DP.
Remember to take care of you too Maryann, you know sometimes we forget!! Image
marie x
Hi everyone,

Hope you are all well.

Just wanted to share with you some good news.After pushing for a reassessment for DP's regarding the couple I work for ,they got word that their original assessment of 15 hours per week now been increased to 27 and 1/2 per week.I did an assessment of my own using the Soc Services own care plan diary and got it to 42 hours.This is what the family used when asking for more.I knew 42 hours would not be passed but had hoped for in the region of 28-30 so its not turned out too bad.This means they can now employ another personal assistant to work alongside myself.
Although I only do 15 hours for them I give them total flexibility and as a result they are very flexible about my caring for Robert.So,in this circumstance it seems to have worked out all round for everyone.

If anyone would like a breakdown of the hours given as an example just ask or pm.You never know when the information will come in handy.

Take care
x x x
That's good they got the extra help, it just proves what a difference having the right information can make!
Well done you!
marie x