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nightmare experience at a hospital. - Carers UK Forum

nightmare experience at a hospital.

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My severely disabled daughter (downs syndrome epileptic dementia etc) was admitted to our general hospital via casualty very early on monday morning. she had a severe virus causing S and D which brought on her epilepsy. (had seven fits over a few hours)
she was put in a ward with holding rooms until they sorted out an appropriate ward and we where told one of us would have to stay as she it was obviously not safe without some one with her. (We had been told in casualty a one to one would be arranged)She only responds to me so I had to stay. Would have done that anyway but I had the same virus as her but wasnt quite at the same stage. All this room had was a separate toilet and hand basin ,no shower etc etc. I was supposed to sleep on a fixed hard high backed seat.(and nearly as ill as she was)
They never found a ward to take her.I cared for her all the time in atrocious conditions. Asked twenty times for a suitable bed /recliner for me to sleep on.and got one at 8pm the following night.The night after that two nurses burst into the room and asked for it back!! They couldnt have it because of infection etc. Am so shocked to think any of this could happen in this day and age.Seemed like the olden days!! My daughter's needs where not concidered, and the lack of any thought to the carers needs was even worse!!! We are home now .Was promised transport for early afternoon and got home at 9.10pm
Oh Jeannette,
what an awful experience for you. I hope you are able to rest a little, now you are at home.x
I thought hospitals had to adhere to certain guidelines when treating those with learning disabilities.That is an absolute disgrace how you were both treat.
I know our hospital have posters up relating to these guidelines but to be honest cant remember the details.

Make a formal complaint Jeanette, and I would send a copy to your MP and the Health Minister too.
Thanks for your kind answers Daisy and Rosemary. I have already contacted PALS and my concerns will be brought to the attention of a Governors meeting on monday.Am awaiting a complaints form. We are having a new hospital soon (in june) I have already contacted them via email this morning bringing up the lack of thought etc to carers who save them many hours of work and lots of money. I never thought things like that happened in this day and age.b][/b]
That was an awful situation, Jeanette. As Rosemary says, you must complain about it! Good luck with it - hope that they do better next time.. xx
It's a sad fact, but hospitals are no longer reliable, for either getting appropriate care, respect, or considerate treatment. You more likely as not end up sicker than when you whent in, and your family and friends are made to feel that they are annoying, and interfering if they have the temerity to ask for proper care, or point out failings or breaches of "best practice".

I am so sorry you and yours are going through this and hope the trial is soon over and you have good result.

After us both having had a life time of being in and out of hospital, you may have guessed both Jan and I have no faith in our hospitals any more. Ho! for the good old days when they were centers of excellence.
I too am sorry but not surprised at your experience Jeanette, my husband has recently spent five and a half weeks in hospital and I would classify his treatment in the first hospital not simply as poor but as unsafe, the second hospital was better and he was generally well cared for but mistakes were made there too and although it was a rehab ward there was very little rehab and I am now having to deal with problems which we did not have before and which are now entrenched. I would never choose to have my husband admitted to the first, the local general hospital, unfortunately he is always an emergency admission and we are given no alternative, I remember the days when hospitals provided good quality clinical and nursing care, unfortunately in many areas this is no longer true and I am not surprised that the majority clinicians have private health insurance which I think probably says it all Image .
One of the problems is that traditionally, nurse training was on the wards, with just a week or two at a time in school. This meant that student/pupil nurses were the staff providing the basic caring.Now, nurse training is done in university, with the occasional week on the ward, and no responsibility. I loved nursing,but would never have enough qualifications to get in nowadays. It is not always the most intelligent people who make the most caring nurses.
A couple of years ago when my husband was an inpatient, I had come to collect him and was waiting for the pharmacy to bring his take home meds.The man in the bed opposite, a 40 something man, had both arms in plaster after a motorbike accident. It was lunchtime, and he managed his knife and fork, as his lunch had been cut up, but he could not manage his tea, and the nurses said they were just going to lunch so had no time to help him!I offered to help him,and he said that was the first hot cup of tea he had drunk in the time he had been there. It was also the first cup he had had without a straw being used!
I was taught that good nursing was basic respect for other human beings and their needs, and that does not happen any more sadly.
Am so sorry about your aweful experiences of hospitals Jimbo and Parsival. My daughter is a frequent vistor to out patients but hasnt actually been an inpatient for some years until this week..We seem to have to fight in every quarter now. Am so shocked at the condition of the so called ward and the lack of care.
You are quite correct Daisy.I was a nurse too in the days of the Ark lol.but went into it as a vocation,and patients where always priority one by every member of the ward.
Cant believe it has deteriorated so much. The staff nurses in this ward where always on the PC or dishing out drugs, in my time they where hands on and training students!!
Am trying to find that info Marjory mentioned. I have the valuing people book and booklets so hope it will be in there.
Thanks once again for your kind thoughts
When my son (severe LD and always 1:1) has had to be hospitalised in a ward, it has actually never occurred to me to leave him solely in the hands of the nursing staff. He would be terrified and unmanageable. I have always stayed with him. He has always been given a side room similar to the one that you describe and usually near the nursing station. I have slept in chairs too. However, I have always felt that the care has been shared with the nurses (and our local hospital doesn't have a very good reputation) who have, when able, given me time to eat and clean up while my son slept. Yes, the nurses vary considerably in their attitudes, but on the whole have been good, although busy; very, very busy.

Do I expect too little?

Mencap have a campaign about the hospital treatment of people with LD. It may be worth contacting them.