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Me Thinks.

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Im wondering,based upon a tangent another thread here sent me off on,as these can do,about "Thinking".I think a lot,daydream too,mind wonders into flights of fancy.It occured to me that maybe its an escape.being a carer might-be i use it to just take a break.could be i just think too much. must think about that a while.

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Me too, Maxi. I think loads more than I should, about everything and everybody. I'm even thinking about Christmas at the moment, cos Aussie rellies said they might come over...... it's not even summer yet!
As I muttered to myself on me way to work this morn,a chat with a friend recurred in my mind.She advocates a "Benevolent" dictatorship feeling government by a parliament has failed to deliver tough policies we need.I wonder...if?. Image
Your friend would soon find out there's no such thing as a benevolent dictatorship, Maxi...
a "Benevolent" dictatorship
surely that's an oxymoron if ever there was one Image Image Image Image Image Image
I think that we have such a failed political species in britain,see im thinking again,and they cannot deliver a decent society that maybe some different system might be the way ahead. Image
On one occasion during an election campaign Churchill was speaking in a church hall in rural England. The hall was decorated in the well accepted colour scheme of that era – mission brown up to shoulder height, then cream up to and including the ceiling. When he finished his speech Churchill called for questions. The first came from a middle-aged woman dressed in country tweeds. "Mr Churchill, I am a member of the Temperance League," she said, "My local branch has been examining your use of alcohol. Are you aware Prime Minister that, during your lifetime to date you have consumed enough alcohol to fill this hall up to here" stretching her arm dramatically to indicate the mission brown zone on the wall. "We want to know what you intend to do about it?" Churchill looked at the woman, followed her arm to the top of the mission brown zone, and then slowly allowed his gaze to move up through the cream zone to the ceiling. "So little time, so much to do" he said.
As a boy, I attended his funeral - it was a great day out!
politics just brings ya down.brightest manifesto so far,plaid cymrus.good on em.Image