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guarantee pension credit - council tax?

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Since my mother was awarded AA recently, it has made me scour the internet trying to find as much info as possible.
One question I do have is, my mother receives the above credit I am now wondering if she is entitled to a reduced council tax?
Many thanks in advance.
As far as I'm aware Tricia - no, unless she has some impairment/disability that would qualify; but receiving AA on it's own is not a qualifying factor.

If your Mum lives alone she should get the 25% reduction in Council Tax that all single households get; if you live with her and are her sole carer then you should be disregarded for Council Tax purposes.

The only thing I know for sure is that if she has a mental condition she should be eligible for a further reduction - but it seems that most local authorities have their own rules as to what constitutes a mental condition.

I would suggest that you get the forms from your local council, fill them in and see what happens.
The worst that can happen is you fill in the council forms and they say no discount is available.

The certificate for SMI (severe mental impairment) if appropriate guarantees a further 25% discount and any live-in carer in receipt of CA (carers allowance) will be disregarded for council tax purposes.

Hope you get some help, there should be a welfare rights officer with your Local Authority or CAB should be able to help also.

Take care
The subject title is: "guarantee pension credit - council tax?" , if your mother is in receipt of the Guaranteed Pension Credit, not simply the Savings Credit, whether or not she gets Attendance Allowance, she should be exempt from paying council tax and rent if she pays rent and does not live with a non-dependent in which case the amount of council tax/rent exemption will be reduced, the Guaranteed Pension Credit is a passporting benefit, Attendance Allowance alone is not a passporting benefit.