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Great Ormond st Hospital

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the La are not doing very basic things. I am really scared now. I have been keeping trying to get an explanation for his medical situation. He has thinning of corpus callosum. His MRI says this. My understanding is that this is known to cause all sorts of problems. Learning difficulites, seizures, sleep problems and ADD. From talking to the other families this is a known symptom of the disorder.
Lucy, we understand how worried you are, but you MUST use your energy now to get your son the Legal Aid that he is entitled to.
Stay focussed on that goal. Keep a diary, but don't keep wasting your energy on things that won't get you any further.
I know how frustrating and horrible Social Services can be. It is time to go down the legal route.
i have been told that if he is locked in his bedroom and having seizures that are not being treated then this could be causing him further brain damage. i cant afford legal help for him. When i speak to doctors online they say i must inform the authtorities whcih i have done
Re legal aid for disabled children:

https://councilfordisabledchildren.org. ... al-aid.pdf


PS S has had legal twice - as a child and as a teenager - certainly makes social care, health and education start doing their jobs properly.
i am frightened, I know he needs to be removed from his fathers care. He is being left to die there.....
Lucy, we get that, but you need professional legal help, we can't give you the help you need.
Legal Aid is available FREE for your son if he meets the criteria.
Concentrate your energy on getting Legal Aid for him.

I feel a bit better. i got a call from GOSH today. They have agreed to have a call with the local paediatricians and social worker. they want to explain in a bit more detail for disorder he has so that the local team know what they should be looking for. i am beyond horrified what i have had to go through to get help for this. and still there is no real sign of it abating. i think they think i am over reacting when i am not.

A childs life is being put at risk by all of this. And yes it has made me feel sick with worry. I am exhausted!
If you applied on his behalf for Legal Aid, then you wouldn't feel so alone, a solicitor would fight the LA on your son's behalf.
Do you understand that Legal Aid is a special scheme, it is NOT the same as going to a local solicitor and asking them to write a letter for you?
i understand this completely. But BUT my sons dad who is locking him up every day is refusing to provide information that even allows him to have legal aid. I have spoken to the police just now who agree that this is illegal. unbelievable