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I wonder if all the MPs will be putting an extra pullover on this winter? I very much doubt it as am sure the Taxpayer will most likely be footing the heating bills for their second home and they can well afford the increase for the number 1 home! Image
We're with Staywarm, I check the tariff every year when it comes up for renewal and for us it's been the best deal plus having the advantage of the charge being fixed for a year so that our monthly outgoings are the same over the course of the year, no sudden price increases without warning.

My husband is in his eighties and I think that it's only available to the over 65s. It was originally based on the number of people and number of bedrooms in a household but I think usage may now be part of the calculation, there was a bit of a scandal when they, having been government-backed, decided to withdraw the service from high users and I was quite worried that we would lose the service but they backed down in the face of bad publicity and we're still with them. When gas prices dropped a couple of years ago this was reflected in our charges for the following year which actually dropped but obviously we're expecting a big hike in cost when the new year's charges for our property drop through our door shortly.
It's a pity the stay-warm scheme isn't available to all disabled people isn't it! Image
marie x
Ours are well over £400.

Blimey Pixie where do you live ??
It must be a mansion if my water rates are that excessive.

It's only a 5 bed semi in a northwest seaside town.

Must be Blackpool then.5 bed semi makes sense now with that kinda size of bills.
I'm on Price Protection 2010 and have been for several years. Aparently it is the cheapest option so I am pleased I made the decision to go on it.

My winter bill was £500 for gas and electric. I refuse to pay monthly and just pay by DD when the bill arrives.
It may sound a lot but it is a large family house because we did have 4 children at home. There's only one left now but with the housing market the way it is we cannot sell yet.

Jesus Pixie 500 smackers ?? hecky thump thats a years gas/leccy for us Image
You lucky devil.

It evens out to about the average of just over £1000 for the whole year so I didn't think that ours was too bad. I know of others who pay more but their carees are not as mobile as mine are so that's understandable.
Yeah we only live in a smallish 1 bed flat which is heavily insulated.Kirklees have put like cladding stuff on the outside of all the flats in this street.not often the council do owt like that.