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I have sent you a pm Pixie.
I really think the government should have helped the vulnerable this year and then put other measures in place.

I'm not sure I can have any more insulation than I already have. Apart from maybe triple glazing.

I would love an open fire though because that would help a great deal with keeping the house damp free and warms the bedrooms as well as the living rooms.

Anyone know if there is a grant for opening up fireplaces?
The main point is no matter how much insulation you have you will have to use energy and if the bills go up which they will you will still pay more when our prevous property was insulated the energy bills hardly changed.

Energy-saving measures give a return on the investment over a long period, they're hardly a panacea for the increasing number of people experiencing fuel poverty now.
I also think many homes are like mine, built over 100 years ago and had the hearts ripped out. ie the fireplaces, backboliers etc.

We have no cavity wall just a solid 9in. wall so cavity wall insulation is not an option.

The only way I can see for us to improve would be to open up our fireplaces and burn some of our rubbish or logs etc.
My mam used to be with one of those companies who set a year round rate,cant remember the name.Even in summer my mam had her fire and heating on full blast.It worked for her for that very reason.
I know for some it does not work as they pay the same amount all year round and when heating/fire not used in the summer ( what summer ) they still have to pay the fixed rate.

What do members here pay???

I pay £100 per month £50 gas £50 electric and last month fixed my payments to December 2010

I'm on Price Protection 2010 and have been for several years. Aparently it is the cheapest option so I am pleased I made the decision to go on it.

My winter bill was £500 for gas and electric. I refuse to pay monthly and just pay by DD when the bill arrives.
It may sound a lot but it is a large family house because we did have 4 children at home. There's only one left now but with the housing market the way it is we cannot sell yet.
in our new home the computer says we should pay £35 gas £25 electric per month thats calculated on our first 2 months in this home ??????????????????? sounds to good to be true .

I used to own an old cottage, it would be nearly 200 years old now, it still had the huge open fireplace and we burned logs, we had no central heating there was no gas in the village and we didn't want oil. This one fire heated a substantially-sized cottage upstairs and downstairs and also heated the rooms on the ground and first floors of the rooms adjoining the room with fire of the cottage next door, the walls were thick and seemed to retain the heat. One Boxing Day it was so warm we damped down the fire and decamped to friends to cool down Image . I think that older houses do benefit from open fires, they do seem to keep the damp out. Because of the solid construction of the walls of the cottage heat stayed in in the winter and in summer the cottage was always lovely and cool, somehow our modern home doesn't do the job so well, the difference is conspicuous, cold in winter and too hot in summer.
If the French government makes the power suppliers only increase prices by 5% why cant our government do the same? No matter how well your homes insulated we are still being ripped off by price increases that are way over the top, am afraid we are going to get this all the time if the goverment wont help us, for me the compnaies are blatant profiteers. I live in a Power Station area, 2 years ago I heard one power Station had floated shares on the stock market and the workers all received a £50,000 "bonus" £35,000 after tax. No amount of insulation will help protect us from those kind of payments because at the end of the day you and I paid for that bonus!