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Hope i dont get lynched but iam not very comfortable with the whole media circus surrounding her and lets remember it`s of her own making to bring in the cash but to be honest iam a wee bit tired of the whole thing .

Take WENDY RICHARDS we all knew she was at deaths door she to me has passed away with dignity .

Last night as Jade was on her way to the hospice there was an almighty row with her neighbours who are sick of the whole thing when one neighbour was tolod that Jade was on her way to the hospice he replied good i might get some peace and quiet now .
Yes I am getting a bit sick of it all now too. I do/did like Jade as I liked the way that although she had money she was still down to earth & common-in a nice way....

But yeah, it is all getting a bit tiresome & it seems that all this media exposure is for sheer greed masked in securing a future for her kids. Its a bit of a farce, as her kids will be well provided for anyway-regardless of all this extra media/money making. It kind of makes me reflect on families who are left with nothing after a mom dies of cancer. What about those children. She would be better thinking outside of herself & giving some of her excess money to these families/children who don't have her luxury.
Regardless of what happens, those children of Jade's will probebly be making money off their mom & her life well into their adulthood.

I really think she is fuelled by greed & she is very self obsessed. No wonder her poor neighbour is sick of it all. We don't have to live next to it all. Its bad enough reading it all the time. Image But knowing the media he will be branded as a nasty, selfish neighbour.

Any loving mom would be spending every second with her children & making precious moments count. Not out there trying to get as much money as she can......On that point where are her children?????How often do we see pictures of her snuggling up with them on the sofa or spending any quality time with them???And her other half...well I think its all show & a means to stop out of prison-oh yeah & get his future secured financially. There seems no genuiness in the whole affair.

I agree Wendy Richards died with dignity & I can't help but respect her for that.
Well said George and Blossom.

I remember when my OH was diagnosed with cancer. He was told either tell everyone or tell nobody until you have to as once it is common knowledge your dignity goes out the door.

Luckily his "terminal" diagnosis has been proved wrong, but we live day to day with fingers crossed.

Take care
If I was dying of cancer and I was a in the public eye like Jade I would be doing everything I could to ensure there was shed loads of cash for my kids when I am gone

I used to dislike Jade Goody but after reading her autobiography my views changed, she had a dreadful childhood and just wanted to get herself out of the gutter and give herself and then her kids a better life than she had.
I don't feel comfortable with all the media hype, but death is not a comfortable subject. I don't think Jade has had enough time to make a shed load of money to leave to her children?maybe she see's it as the last thing she can do for her children? She's very young, and very unlucky to be dying of this particular type of cancer, it has certainly been a good thing for raising awareness amongst other young women to go for smear tests a doctor was saying on TV that there has been an increase in bookings for the test across all ages.

Cheryl x
I am behind her all the way, coming from her background she wants to ensure that her children will want for nothing and quite right.
It doesn't help others a jot if she keeps quiet infact she is highlighting the plight of a young mother taken from her children too soon.
I am also disgusted that her neighbour who judging by the photo's has had at least twice the lifespan of Jade sees fit to cause her further distress, just beggars belief.
Thankfully most people are full of compassion for Jade and more young women will have themselves tested, she has probably saved countless lives with this publicity, what an amazing legacy, and if her children profit, then that's brilliant but I'm sure they would rather have nothing more than their mum.
But for the love of God,
Will we all not walk along this road,
The way we choose may not come easy,
Only chance and time will choose the place for most of us,
Jade is lucky, she choose her time and place in the public eye,
and knew when her moment would come,
Will You/We be so lucky,
Or ??????
The last thing I would call her is lucky, in any context.
I have never been a fan of Jade, but I feel heartily sorry for her. She is just a young woman in her twenties with two young children, who knows that she will most probably die within a few short weeks. I do not feel qualified to judge her, I do not know her and have never walked in her shoes. I do not know how I would behave in her position, she is coping with it in the best way she can, bless her.
I didn't like her when she hit our TV and still don't.
I also rather suspect that the oxygen of publicity that she loves has a lot to do about the way she is all over the media,thats why she has Max Clifford.
I fully understand that she should want to leave a legacy,but she ahs earned a good sum over the years,maybe it would have been wiser not blow that on fake tits and bling.
She already has 2 houses so she ain't short of a few pounds.
But if she did still want cash for her loved ones then a book,a film to be shown as a special after her death or something of that nature would still bring a income in and tell her story while keeping a little dignity.
I by chance saw a interview with Patrick Swazye and his wife,he is facing the same problems as Jade.
Just made a new TV series and he said at time he was up at 3 am to get himself sorted so he could be on set,on time.
He refused to play the cancer victim,as i feel Jade is.
The attitude of him and his wife of 30 years facing the same and poss worse as Jade was a lesson in how to deal with this,let the public know and keep some dignaty.
Lastly i would have some small amount of respect for Jade if she had stated from the outside that at least some percentage of the income from all her activities were going to a cancer charity.
All this of course does not been i feel sorry for her situation,but there are plenty others facing it as well.
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