Following the responses in this thread to NHShater's (nowD1706) goodbye message, I wanted to explain why we removed her thread yesterday.

This member started a thread with the title 'I want to hit P's district nurse and threaten to kill her'. This was in clear breach of our Community Guidelines which state that posts will be removed if they:
  • contain insulting personal remarks, are offensive, abusive or libellous or act in a way to cause harassment
  • make comments that misrepresent or damage the reputation of Carers UK, whether on the Carers UK forum or on any other public forum or site
  • are not constructive to the overall purpose and mission of Carers UK
On being asked again to change her username from 'NHShater' to a more acceptable name, the member then changed it to 'Carers UK hater'. This member has therefore been suspended for a period of six weeks.

The Forum is of course a place where many carers can vent and share their anger and frustration, but the language NHShater used was clearly offensive. The Forum is a Carers UK service and we have a duty to maintain it as a welcoming and supportive community.

We're really pleased that usage of the Forum has increased recently (in April we had the highest number of people posting for a year and the highest number visiting for two years) and we want to make sure that new members find it a respectful place to share their experiences and all the emotions of caring, as well as offering each other support.

We rarely have to remove posts and even more rarely have to suspend members, and I'm sure you will understand why we have had to do so in this instance.