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Good news, I got a job!!!! - Page 2 - Carers UK Forum

Good news, I got a job!!!!

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Lets get to the point not all carers want to or in my case can return to work what kind of cash payments can carers who want to return to work expect to receive why should the state pay some one to care for our elderly/youing disabled relatives so we can go out and work for poss min wage the economics dont stack up, it costs £15 an hour for a sitter in Newcastle as ive said many times before pay us the real wage for the caring work that we do all this stuff of a bit of cash for this and a bit of cash for that as usual the powers that be will have us running round in circles just to get few quid so we can go out and work and dont forget when you have come home after a hard days work your duties as a carer will still be there how can you look after someone all night long then go off to work for and 8 hour shift and be as fresh as a daisy we should concentrate on the real issue paying carers the full rate for the duties that we carry out.



I totally agree with you George that carers should be paid a proper wage not just a subsistence level allowance and that our economic contribution to society should be recognised financially and not just with a few patronising pats on the back.

By working part time i have £35 a more and that little bit extra makes a difference to our lives not least because i can turn the central heating on without worrying about whether i can afford to pay the bill. So to a certain extent i do not choose to work and care it is just that as carers allowance and supporting benefits are so low my financial circumstances make it necessary.

HOWEVER i do think carers should have the choice to take up paid employment if they wish to. The word here is CHOICE. No one should be expected to care for more than 35 hours a week and have to take up paid work as well. I strongly believe that caring is work. But caring can be stressful and socially isolating and some carers given the option would choose to work. I work partly from home but when i go into the office it opens up a world other than caring. My husband also enjoys going out with a community support worker for a couple of hours twice a week. As he is usually surrounded by women he welcomes the opportunity to have a chat with other blokes about sport (which I hate) and music (as blokes do). These short breaks add to the quality of both our lives.

I have been caring 24/7 for my husband since we were both in our twenties. We are now in our forties. The only rights any of us have are those we can exercise by force or those which society bestows on us. But personally i would like to live in a society that does what it can to support and give quality to the lives of all its citizens. Few of us really choose to be carers. We just happen to love people who through no fault of their own need support in order to live. I love my husband very much, i wouldn't be without him and would if it came to it lay down my life for him but it doesn't mean i don't need a few hours to myself sometimes. And I think that that is ok. It doesn't make me selfish or a bad person just human.

If my caring role was not so full time and so stressful or if there was more high quality support available that was affordable i might well choose to work part time. My job can be quite interesting and i really believe that a few hours a week of high quality respite adds to the quality of both our lives. Not every carer and caree would agree and they should also have the choice not to use respite or to take up paid work. We are all different and those differences should be respected and supported. As it is i feel that i am trying to combine working and caring with inadequate support and very little financial reward and the stress of this outweighs the benefits of working.

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My may point is how can we work in paid employment and still be carers when we get home when i was working i was just unable to care for STA & the old doll thats why i gave up work who cares for our disabled relatives young & old when we are at work ?

GEORGE ======

iam causing lots of trouble today but its not aimed at any one so dont have a go at me sorry if i upset any one .
i am not upset George. Image I understand what you are saying. It is not possible for some carers to work (and why should they when they are already working) some for health reasons of their own, some because of the demands of their caring role and some because they cannot find or afford high quality respite or find a job that will 'fit' in with their caring responsibilities. I do think though that we should all have the choice. Even if it is to use respite just to do something for ourselves to recharge.
And yes it is hard to combine caring and working and for me 8 hours paid work a week is about my limit for being able to 'manage'. As far as finding someone to care for our carees while we are working well even though i am obviously the "cheapest option" for the govt/country i do think we should have the right to a bit of time for ourselves if we need it.
best wishes, (not at all offended - love a bit of debate)
P.S As i work partly from home i sometimes work when my husband is having a snooze. So i am 'caring' and working at the same time.
George, I don't see why anyone would get upset with you over this.

It's a fact that some carers are simply not in a position to go to work. Some can - others would be able to with the right help - but even then there will always be carers who cannot work.